SHOW 374 .. 31st October 2009

- Grad Castle and the Goričko
  Nature Park
- Biologist Nina Gunde Cimerman
- Painter Karel Zelenko
- Collector of fossils
- Amphora wine

Grad Castle and the Goričko Nature Park
Goričko is a region in the north-easternmost part of the country, bordering both Austria and Hungary. In this area, which has always been a meeting point of cultures and nations, the three countries established the first European trilateral park: Goričko–Raab–Ổrseg. The seat of the park is in Slovenia’s biggest castle.
Biologist Nina Gunde Cimerman
Nina Gunde Cimerman is a biologist conducting research into extremophilic fungi. Her research group was the first in the world to prove that fungi can also survive in extreme conditions previously thought to be inhabited only by bacteria. In the last 10 years, she has catalogued and researched over 20 new species of fungi. She also started researching the healing effects of maggots in the treatment of chronic open wounds. In this field too her team was pioneering, becoming the first in the world to produce a larva product that patients find less off-putting.
Painter Karel Zelenko
Karel Zelenko is an all-round artist – a painter, graphic artist and ceramicist. He has a reputation of being distinctly individualistic, as his art has never resembled anyone else’s. However, his work remains oriented towards traditional themes and motifs – portraits, landscapes and figurative scenes. And he has a distinct feeling for the human form.
Collector of fossils
The geological history of the Primorska region is rich in fossil finds. Stane Bačar from Ajdovščina has been collecting and studying fossils for a number of years. His collection contains over ten thousand examples of petrified plant and animal remains. Among these are some that had never before been discovered and have therefore been given Slovenian names.
Amphora wine
Earthenware containers were used to make wine more than 5000 years ago. This original and distinctly natural method of wine-making has recently been revived by certain Slovenian winegrowers. They had huge jars imported from Georgia, the homeland of wine. These are variously known as amphorae or dolia and are used for maturing wine that can surprise even the greatest connoisseurs with its exquisite taste. The Kabaj-Morel tourist farm in Goriška Brda in the west of Slovenia offers just such delights.

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