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- Award-winning students
- Sadar & Vuga Architects 
- Emona – a myth or reality 
- Tabor Military Museum 
- Sculptor Polona Demšar 

Award-winning natural science students
Students of the University of Ljubljana have again achieved outstanding results in the International Genetically Engineered Machine competition (iGEM) organised by the renowned Massachusetts Institute of Technology in Boston. The young Slovenian natural science researchers have won the Grand Prize three times in the past five years. Last November, they beat 130 teams from the most distinguished universities, including Harvard, Stanford, Cambridge and Yale.
Sadar & Vuga Arhitects
In the past 15 years, the architectural studio Sadar & Vuga Architects has played an important role in shaping the new urban image of the Slovenian capital. Boštjan Vuga and Jurij Sadar advocate the principle of contemporary living and new urban interaction. Their latest project, the Stožice Sports Park in Ljubljana, has been a resounding success.
The many construction works underway in the Slovenian capital are helping to lift the veil of mystery from the city’s venerable history. Almost 2000 years ago, the ancient Roman town of Emona rose on the site of present-day Ljubljana and existed for 500 years. Our knowledge of the ancient Emona is already pretty extensive, nevertheless the latest archaeological excavations have revealed interesting new finds.
Tabor Military Museum
The village of Lokev in the Karst, close to the famous Lipica Stud Farm, is renowned for its excellent private museum collection containing objects from the First and Second World Wars. Established in 1994, Tabor Military Museum has already received 74 national and international awards, including a NATO award and the French Order of the Legion of Honour.
Sculptor Polona Demšar
Sculptor and photographer Polona Demšar belongs to the young generation of Slovenian artists. Having started her career in photography, she went on to study sculpture followed by unique glass design. She often designs her works in connection with the environment and the gallery space where they are to be exhibited.



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