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- Sevnica castle 
- Manuscripta 
- Puppeteer Robert Waltl 
- Photographer Oskar K. Dolenc 
- The pležuh 

Sevnica castle
People used to like to settle in strategically important points along rivers, where they built fortresses and controlled the traffic over water and by it. One of the more important settlements along the Sava River in the east of Slovenia is Sevnica. Watching over the city and its surroundings from a high viewpoint is the castle, which gives the settlement its special character.
Around one million medieval manuscripts have been preserved across the globe and experts judge that this is about 5 percent of all those created during that historical period. Among them are also the one thousand manuscripts connected to Slovenia in one way or another, many among which are richly illuminated.
Puppeteer Robert Waltl
Actor, puppeteer, director and art director Robert Waltl feels right at home in various roles. He began with acting and was soon enchanted by puppetry. In these last years he has been devoting a lot of time to directing as well as to the creation and artistic direction of his own theatre called “Mini teater”.
Photographer Oskar Karel Dolenc
Oskar Karel Dolenc is one of the most recognized Slovenian photographers – he has a long standing as a professor of photography, author of numerous articles, translator of photography literature and a member and mentor of numerous photography clubs. In 1974, Dolenc, a master of photography, was awarded the “Artiste” title by the FIAP international federation of photography, whereas he received the “Excellence” title three years ago.
The pležuh is one of the oldest winter means of transport in Slovenia. It originates from the Drava valley in the north-east of the country, where this simple means of transport has remained preserved. It is possible to see this rare example of folk tradition at an interesting ethnological event called “Downhill with a pležuh”, traditionally held on a snow stadium at the foot of the Pohorje hills.



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