SHOW 408 .. 29th May 2011


- Pohorje Forest Preserve
- Vipava
- Dog expert Branka Hobič
- The House of Minerals   
- Bladesmith Marjan Škulj

The Šumik Forest Preserve on the Pohorje plateau
The United Nations has declared 2011 the year of the forest. Slovenia is one of the three most forested countries in Europe, with these “green lungs” of the Earth covering about 60% of the country's land area. Natural or virgin forests still form about a tenth of Slovenia's woodland. We'll now introduce you to the Šumik Forest Reserve on the Pohorje plateau – which also contains a 19-hectare virgin forest.
The town of Vipava in western Slovenia is the center of a valley of the same name that connects the littoral with the country's interior. Because the valley is strongly affected by the Mediterranean climate, fruit and vines grow well here. Vipava is a town with a rich history, as well as a city of bridges, which is how it got its nickname “The Venice of Slovenia”.
Dog expert and canine therapy  
For dog expert and handler Branka Hobič, canine companionship is a way of life. She committed herself to cynology – the study of dogs – decades ago, and continued to build her experiences and look for new types of relationships between humans and dogs. This led to therapy work in tandem with a dog and the foundation of the Slovenian Society for Canine Therapy, known as Tačke pomagačke or The Helping Paws.
The House of Minerals in Velenje
In the mining town of Velenje in the northeastern part of the country, the House of Minerals opened its doors in February. It's the largest museum of its kind in Slovenia. It grew out of an impressive personal collection owned by miner Jože Rihtar, who has been an amateur collector of minerals for three decades.
Humans have known and used knives for at least two and a half million years. The first knives were made of stone, flint, bronze, and copper. Today's knives can be made of steel, ceramics, carbon fibers, titanium, and so on. Handmade knives are rare nowadays, but they are highly prized by knife enthusiasts and collectors. Marjan Škulj has been making knives – as well as sabers and daggers – for 25 years. He is the only bladesmith in Slovenia with certification and an official title.


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