SHOW 425 .. 25th March 2012

- Otočec Castle
- Painter Metka Krašovec
- Prešeren Award Recipients Gallery
- Perpetuum Jazzile vocal group
- Slovenian cuisine

Otočec Castle
The Krka River Valley in the south east of Slovenia was once renowned as the valley of castles. Only a few of them have been preserved to the present day. The only one that is truly alive is Otočec Castle. Situated on a river island, it is the only castle in Slovenia completely surrounded by water. Originally it stood on the right river bank, but due to safety measures, an artificial river bed was dug around it. This year marks the 760th anniversary of its first mention in written records.
Painter Metka Krašovec
Metka Krašovec is a prominent figurative painter and undeniably one of Slovenias best painters. The Museum of Modern Art in Ljubljana celebrated her 70th birthday and the forty years of her creative path with a retrospective exhibition presenting all major stylistic and contextual periods of the artists career.
Prešeren Award Recipients Gallery
Kranj is popularly thought of as Prešerens town, a town where the greatest Slovenian poet, France Prešeren, spent the last years of his life and where he was also buried. The town features a theatre named after him and the Prešeren Award Recipients Gallery. Established a decade ago, the gallery only includes the recipients of this award, which is the highest national accolade in the field of artistic creation. Metka Krašovec is among them.
Perpetuum Jazzile vocal group
Perpetuum Jazzile is one of the most famous Slovenian vocal groups of world-class scale. It is distinguished by outstanding vocals, exceptional energy, relaxed composure and a diverse repertoire. It is an amateur vocal group performing at a professional level.
Slovenian cuisine
Although small in size, Slovenia boasts a varied cuisine. The countrys position at the meeting point of the Alps, the Mediterranean and the Pannonian Plain, is reflected in a diverse gastronomy. In the past few years, the country has been striving to improve its gastronomic recognisability.
Slovenian cuisine has also been of great interest to ethnologist Janez Bogataj, lately particularly  with the Slovenia Inn brand.

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