SHOW 428 .. 4th May 2012

- Predjama Castle 
- Illustrator Igor Rehar 
- Charcoal Educational Path 
- Volčji Potok Arboretum
- Ceramist Dubravka Šorel 

Predjama Castle
Not far from the famous Postojna Cave rises Predjama Castle, without doubt the most picturesque castle in Slovenia. A daring, breathtaking creation, built into a 123-metre-high rock face crisscrossed with numerous underground caves and secret tunnels, it has been stirring people’s imagination for centuries. The story of the most notorious inhabitant of the castle, the knight-brigand Erasmus of Predjama, is just one of its many attractions.
Illustrator Igor Rehar
Prehistoric pile dwellings in five Alpine countries, including Slovenia, have been inscribed on UNESCO World Heritage List since 2011. Among the remains of pile-dwelling settlements dating from 5,000 to 500 BC are two groups of pile-dwelling sites on the Ljubljana Marshes. Igor Rehar, an illustrator, works on drawing reconstructions of pile dwellings and other historic periods.
Charcoal Educational Path
Once the making of charcoal was a widespread activity across our wooded country, though today it is little more than a tourist attraction. In Dole pri Litiji in central Slovenia, however, the tradition of making charcoal from wood piles is still very much alive, with about 200 tonnes of charcoal produced every year. And now there’s also a 12-kilometre-long educational path leading past the homesteads where charcoal is still produced in the old manner.
Volčji Potok Arboretum
Gardens are green oases of peace in the midst of urban noise, a true sight for sore eyes. And one such is Volčji Potok Arboretum, the largest botanical park in Slovenia, situated between the Kamnik Alps and the Ljubljana basin. Having evolved from a former manor park, it celebrates its 60th anniversary this year.
Ceramist Dubravka Šorel 
Although Slovenian Istria is better known for stone, Dubravka Šorel has grow particularly fond of clay, which she gets from an artificial lake in Fiesa, not far from the town of Piran, where she lives and creates. She has used it to create unique ceramic objects, and she particularly enjoys making images of Piran architecture, animals and plants.


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