SHOW 478 .. 17th October 2014


- The Oplotnica gorge 
- Visual artist Sašo Sedlaček 
- The Living Museum of the Karst 
- Glamping at Bled 
- The Rolling Stones' Museum    

The Oplotnica Gorge
The Oplotniščica stream, with its spring in the Pohorje region, a hilly area in the north-east of Slovenia, has created a fascinating gorge on its way to the valley. An educational path has been arranged through the gorge. In the past, the stream was an important wood-supplying route, today it is an oasis of peace and beautiful nature.
Sašo Sedlaček
Sculptor Sašo Sedlaček is one of the key figures of contemporary art in Slovenia. He aims to draw attention to the problems of consumerism, poverty and reckless waste disposal through his work – topics which we all sometimes fail to acknowledge. His art is not only socially engaging and innovative, but it also has an educational note to it.
The Living Museum of the Karst
Almost half of Slovenia is covered by the Karst, a special type of stony landscape created by dissolving limestone. Slovenia is home to the classic or original karst, as it was here that this special landscape with its peculiar karst phenomena was first discovered and described. This year about 700 hectares of the area, which stretches between Sežana and the Lipica horse stud, and is plentifully covered by the typical karst phenomena, has been turned into a so-called “living museum”. About 20 kilometres of hiking trails have been arranged over this unique Karst museum.
The Garden Village at Bled
Glamping is a new, glamorous form of camping which is becoming increasingly popular not only in Slovenia, but all over the world. Over the last few years, Slovenia has ventured into some original types of glamping, offering overnight-stays even in wine barrels. Since this summer, interesting glamping tourism has also been available at the Garden Village at Bled.
The Rolling Stones' Museum
Slavko Franca from Lucija in the coastal area of Slovenia loves many things, but The Rolling Stones top the list. He has been collecting anything linked to the band from across the globe for half a century. His private collection has grown into a museum, which he gladly shows to visitors.

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