SHOW 492 .. 15th June 2015


- 850 years of the Žiče Charterhouse 
- The Soča river   
- Botanist  Nada Praprotnik
- Photographer Andreja Peklaj 
- Donkey breeding on the Karst 

850 years of the Žiče Charterhouse
The Žiče Charterhouse, which long ago abandoned its original function, is marking its 850th anniversary this year. This is the oldest Carthusian monastery in Central Europe and the first that was founded by the religious order outside their original territory in France and Italy. The spirit of the Carthusians is still alive today in the hidden valley of Saint John the Baptist.
The Soča river
The Soča is one of Europe’s loveliest rivers. Because of its unusual green colour, people often refer to it as an emerald beauty. The source of the river lies in the Trenta Valley, which is part of Triglav National Park in north-western Slovenia. After flowing almost a hundred kilometres on Slovenian territory, the Soča crosses into Italy, where it enters the sea. We visited the river in its upper reaches, where it is also at its most beautiful.
The Botanist Nada Praprotnik
The abundant and varied plant life of Slovenia’s mountains has long attracted the interest of natural scientists. One of the first explorers here, in the 18th century, was Baron Karel Zois, who lent his name to the Zois bellflower, which is endemic to Slovenia. Like Zois, the botanist Nada Praprotnik, too, has devoted her life to exploring Slovenia’s varied flora.
The Photographer Andreja Peklaj
Andreja Peklaj is an extraordinary photographer who has spent four decades capturing images from nature. She is particularly drawn to Lake Cerknica and its many hidden faces. This intermittent lake, with its magic and harmony, never fails to seduce her.
Among our domesticated animals, donkeys have not been well researched in Slovenia. We do not know, for example, how many there are or which varieties are being bred here. But this may change soon. Not long ago, Stane and Mojca Sušnik founded the organization Oslarija – or Donkey Business – for breeding and researching donkeys, and together with the Ungulate Institute in Ljubljana, they have been taking a census of Slovenia’s donkeys.


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