SHOW 494 .. 27th July 2015

- Križanke
- Podčetrtek
- Bovec Cheese
- Apitherapist Karl Vogrinčič
- A spa in the Sečovlje Salt-pans

Summer is a time of open-air events. One of the most beautiful open-air venues in Ljubljana is Križanke, a former monastery of the Order of the Teutonic Knights. Its beginnings date back to the 13th century, but in the mid-20th century, the then dilapidated monastery was given a new purpose by the great Slovenian architect Jože Plečnik. His transformation of Križanke is truly the work of a master.
Podčetrtek is an ancient settlement by the Sotla River in the east of the country. Today, its principal activity is tourism. The town will enrapture you with its rich and diverse offer, orderliness and homeliness. A couple of years ago, it was even proclaimed the most beautiful and orderly town in Europe at the European Horticultural Competition Entente Florale.
Bovec cheese
The Upper Soča Valley boasts a long tradition of cheese-making. In the area around Bovec, an indigenous species of sheep – known as the Bovec sheep – emerged through the
centuries. Its milk is the source of Bovec cheese, a special type of cheese with a distinct fragrant, piquant taste. It’s one of the four Slovenian cheeses with a protected designation of origin.
Slovenians have always been a nation of bee-keepers. Slovenia is the only EU member state that has protected its indigenous Carniolan Honey Bee. Numerous bee-keepers are successful apitherapists. Among them is also Karl Vogrinčič who has joined forces with the renowned innovator Vili Poznik.
Lepa Vida spa
Sea salt has been produced in the Sečovlje Salt-pans for over 700 years. The side products of this activity are black salt-pan mud and brine. Both contain healing, relaxation and cosmetic properties. A thalasso spa has been arranged in the salt-pans right amidst the salt fields. Although the spa is part of the protected natural park, the new activity has no effect on its natural balance.

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