SHOW 498 .. 5th October 2015


- 650 years of Novo Mesto
- Fabiani’s Ljubljana
- Illustrator Gorazd Vahen
- Ceramic Artist 
  Barba Tembergar
- The Czech hut 

650 years of Novo Mesto
This year Novo mesto, the capital of the Dolenjska region, celebrates the 650th anniversary of its establishment as a town, when the Habsburg Duke Rudolf IV of Austria granted town rights to this settlement on a meander of the Krka River. While 650 years is a venerable age, the earliest evidence of human presence in the area dates back much further – over six thousand years.
Fabiani’s Ljubljana
This year also marks 150th anniversary of the birth of Maks Fabiani, who, with Jože Plečnik, is considered one of Slovenia’s most important architects. Both men worked in Central Europe and both left an indelible mark on the Slovenian capital. In fact, modern urban planning in Ljubljana began with Fabiani, who gave the city a number of outstanding buildings.
Illustrator Gorazd Vahen
Slovenia can boast many extraordinary illustrators, and Gorazd Vahen is one of them. He has illustrated numerous picture books and textbooks, but he is best known for his illustrations of the stories and fairy tales of one of Slovenia’s finest children’s authors, Svetlana Makarovič.
Ceramic Artist Barba Štembergar Zupan
Barba Štembergar Zupan makes both functional and decorative ceramic objects. Her work includes not only traditional pottery, but also unique ceramic masterpieces. And she also enjoys passing her knowledge on to others.
The Czech mountain hut
There are 163 managed mountain huts in Slovenia, and one of the most popular is Češka koča, Czech hut, above the village of Jezersko in the Kamnik-Savinja Alps. This year it celebrates its 115th anniversary, making it one of the oldest alpine stopping points in country. Constructed by Czech mountaineers, the Czech hut has preserved its original outward appearance to this very day.



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