SHOW 318 .. 14th April 2007

- Plečnik's house
- Designer Balderman and Plečnik
- Marko Peljhan and Makrolab
- Climber Marko Prezelj
- Hrastovec castle
- Furenga

The home of the great architect Jože Plečnik
Slovenia announced this year as the year of Jože Plečnik, the great Slovenian architect who has left a mark on Ljubljana, Vienna and Prague. It’s been 50 years since his death, and 135 years since his birth. On this occasion, the doors of the master's house in Ljubljana –  where he lived from 1921 when he returned from Prague and became a professor at the University of Ljubljana, until he died in 1957 – were for the first time opened to the public.
Designer Ajda Balderman - jewellery inspired by Plečnik's women students
Among Plečnik's students there were also many women graduates who in the middle of the previous century couldn't win recognition as architects and therefore switched to other creative fields. Three of them, in whose educational path Jože Plečnik played an important role as a teacher, inspired a young architect whom we are presenting now.
Marko Peljhan - the Makrolab art and science project
Numerous contemporary Slovenian artists are showing their work abroad more frequently than at home. One of them  is Marko Peljhan, a theatre director, who, however, has made a name for himself with quite a different art project. His 10-year long project entitled Makrolab was started in the middle of the 90s as a union of art, science and communication technology. He first presented it at  Kassel’s Dokumenta, the prestigious contemporary art exhibition, from where the project also set out to other destinations across the globe.
Marko Prezelj, one of the world’s best climbers
Slovenian climbers have long been among the world’s best climbers. At the moment one of the best is Marko Prezelj, who together with Boris Lorenčič won this year’s Golden Ice-pick. This most prestigious award in the world of mountaineering is awarded in Grenoble, France, for the most outstanding climbing achievements of the previous year. The 2 Slovenians got it for the unprecedented climb of Tibet’s 7-thousand-metre high Chomolhari.
Hrastovec castle
Hrastovec Castle in the north-east of Slovenia is one of the most beautiful castles in Slovenia. Over the centuries it experienced reconstructions and  swapped owners, while after World War II it was made a facility for the mentally ill. By the year 2010, however, the patients will be moved to a more appropriate residence, and the castle will be changed into a museum.
Until the arrival of the railway, carts drawn by a pair of horses or oxen were the main means of transport, and being a cart driver was one of the more lucrative professions. In the west of Slovenia, in the Karst and Vipava Valley, wood, ice, coal an wine were transported by carts towards the sea. In memory of the old cart driving days, the locals have been organising an interesting ethnologic event for quite some years now.


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