SHOW 441 .. 1st December 2012

- The Symbiosis project
- Repnice
- Cave photographer P. Gedei
- Ceramic artist Ester Štefančič
- Domestic animals in the Zoo

The Symbiosis project
The year 2012 has been proclaimed “European Year of Active Ageing and Solidarity between Generations”. Slovenia’s contribution includes the Symbiosis project, which encourages young volunteers to teach the older generation computer skills. Statistics show that almost 70% of the elderly in Slovenia have never used the Internet, and 56% have never used a computer. This year, the project has taken place for the second year in a row.
The region of Bizeljsko in the east of the country hides a unique attraction – the so-called repnice. These are caves dug in quartz sand that were used by farmers two hundred years ago, while some are still used today, to store farm produce, including turnips which gave the caves their name. Today, repnice are an autochthonous natural and cultural heritage feature of Bizeljsko and are becoming a popular tourist attraction.
Cave photographer Peter Gedei
Peter Gedei has been taking pictures of the wonderful underground Karst world for over 20 years. Some of his snapshots of the underground world have brought him several awards. His latest achievement took place in August when his picture of the Ice Cave at Stojna pri Kočevju was proclaimed photo of the day on the National 
Ceramic artist Ester Štefančič
The gallery of ceramic artist Ester Štefančič in Koper glows in the light of various lamps. Her speciality is desktop lamps which she makes herself from the base to the shade. A great admirer of white ceramics, she moulds clay in a flash of inspiration, so all her products are unique pieces shaped by hand.
Domestic animals in the Zoo
Ljubljana Zoo is richer for an educational farm with autochthonous Slovenian breeds of domestic animals, which have been collected together for the first time. The aim of the project is to bring these domestic animals, some of which are critically endangered, closer to the people and to raise public awareness of the importance of farming with them in order to preserve the biodiversity of the cultural landscape. Funding was obtained in part from the “Swiss contribution to EU enlargement”.

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