SHOW 443 .. 19th January

- Wolves in Slovenia
- Lake Cerknica in winter
- Artist blacksmith Miha Krištof
- Puppeteer Robert Waltl
- The pležuh

Wolves in Slovenia
Slovenia is one of the few countries in Europe which has managed to safeguard all three great European predators: the bear, the lynx and the wolf. Since 2010, the Biotechnical Faculty in Ljubljana, the capital of Slovenia, has been engaged in SloWolf, an extensive project on wolves. The study, which is coming to a close at the end of this year, is expected to produce new findings on this beast. So far it seems there are about 40 to 50 wolves still living in Slovenias forests.
Lake Cerknica
Intermittent lakes are a particular feature of the Karst world. In Slovenia, there are over 20 of them, the largest being Lake Cerknica, which is considered one of the great natural wonders of the world. Following the heavy autumn rains, the water surges from the underground and floods the vast meadow, while in the dry season it drains away by the same route. The mysterious appearance and disappearance of the lake has been firing the imagination of the local population for centuries, resulting in number of legends about its origins.
Artist Blacksmith Miha Krištof
Slovenia takes great pride in its centuries-long blacksmiths heritage. The village of Kropa in the northeast of the country was a significant blacksmithing centre in the past, now exhibiting part of its rich history in its blacksmithing museum. Today, there are only a few masters of this craft remaining, among them Miha Krištof from Vinarje near Maribor, whose masterpieces have brought him fame and the unofficial title of poet of wrought iron.
Puppeteer Robert Waltl
Actor, puppeteer, director and art director Robert Waltl feels right at home in any of these roles. He began with acting, but was soon enchanted by the world of puppets. In the last decade, he has devoted most of his time to directing and to artistic direction of his own theatre called the Mini Teater.
The pležuh
Pležuh is the oldest winter transportation devices, once a typical feature of the lower part of the Drava Valley in the northeast of Slovenia. It is a simple transportation device, suitable only for travelling downhill. The pležuh, now used only for fun, is an interesting and rare example of folk heritage in Slovenia.



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