SHOW 448 .. 30th March


- Postojna Cave
- The Bohinj Park Eco Hotel
- Slovenia's Inns
- Comic book illustrator Iztok Sitar
- Photographer Arven Šakti Kralj Szomi

Postojna Cave
This year marks the 800th anniversary of the first visitors ever to enter the Postojna Cave, the most visited underground Karst cave in Europe. The oldest records of tourist inscriptions date back to 1213. At that time only a smaller, entrance part of the cave was known to visitors, whereas all the fascinating natural phenomena, which can be admired today, were discovered some 200 years ago. A memorial 2-euro coin was made to mark the occasion and a special stamp will also be published jointly by Slovenia's and Austria's postal services to honour the oldest underground post office.
The Bohinj Park Eco Hotel
Slovenia has an old tradition in nature protection. A good example is the Triglav National Park with the glacial valley of Bohinj, featuring the Bohinj Park Eco Hotel. Its eco-friendly design and construction make this hotel one of the most energy-efficient in Central Europe. The Eco Hotel is a holder of the prestigious Green Globe international certificate, and is the most frequently awarded hotel in Slovenia.
Slovenia's Inns
Although Slovenia is fairly small in geographical terms, its cuisine is extremely diverse. Being located at the meeting point of the Alps, the Mediterranean and the Pannonian plane, Slovenia's diversity is also mirrored in its gastronomy. Lately, the country has been striving for greater gastronomic recognition, also with its trademark "Gostilna Slovenia" or "Slovenia Inn" in English.
Comic book illustrator Iztok Sitar
Slovenia can take pride in several of its excellent comic strip illustrators, who have managed to win over a loyal readership. One such outstanding artist is Iztok Sitar, who has become one of the most prolific illustrators of newspaper comic strips in the last decade, having had his caricatures and comics published in all major Slovenian newspapers and magazines.
Photographer Arven Šakti Kralj Szomi
The world of fine art photography and video is the creative world of Arven Šakti Kralj Szomi, who employs rich iconography to combine traditional photography with contemporary media.


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