SHOW 295 .. 03rd February 2006

- Kanin connection with Italy 
- Portrait of Miki Muster
- Capuchin library in Škofja Loka
- Guitar maker Samo Šali
- Kontrabant ethno group 

Kanin ski slopes opening towards Italy
Kanin is a bordering mountain between Slovenia and Italy, and it is precisely here that the decades old idea of connecting the ski slopes on both sides of the border is coming to fruition. The Slovenian side has already this winter built its installation and slopes up to the top of the crest, to the national border.
The pioneer of Slovenian strip cartoons
There probably isn’t a Slovenian who doesn’t know of Zvitorepec - or Sly Fox in English – and the other characters in Sly Fox’s adventures. The stories were created and kept alive for a quarter of a century by Miki Muster – a pioneer of Slovenian strip cartoons – and one of the most successful creators of animated film in Europe. 80-year-old Muster worked with Bavaria Film in Munich for many years.
The Capuchin library in Škofja Loka
One of the oldest and richest libraries in Slovenia is hidden in the Capuchin monastery in the medieval town of Škofja Loka. In the 300 years of its existence, almost 30,000 books have been collected, among them 19 incunabula – books that were printed before AD 1500. Despite the fact that the library is home to some exceptional books, its lodgings are unfortunately not suitable.
A scientific approach towards guitar making
There are quite a few musical instrument makers in Slovenia, among them also masters who only make guitars. Samo Šali is the first who tackled the production of the classical guitar in a scientific manner. He has also published the results of his scientific research in international magazines.
The Kontrabant music group
Kontrabant is a music group that reveals smuggling in its name. The musicians have been “smuggling” the sounds of different cultures for a good decade now. The group uses the universal language of music to dissolve borders, shatter negative stereotypes and open horizons also to those who otherwise find it a challenge to accept anything foreign or unknown.

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