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Top Ski Resort award
Cerkno won the top award in the Large Ski Resorts category. Photo: Peter Kopše Pišec


Cerkno beats out Vogel and Kanin for Top Ski Resort award

27th annual Top Ski Resort awards handed out at Rače Castle
13. April 2018 ob 19:59

The 27th annual Top Ski Resort awards were handed out at Rače Castle on Friday. This year saw winners in five award categories.

To help choose the winners for the 2017-2018 skiing season, Radio Si visited a number of ski resorts in Slovenia to see how safe they are, whether the pistes are well-grommed, how much the tickets cost, and what amenities the resorts have to offer. Skiers were also invited to cast their votes at

RTC Jakec Trije kralji won the top award in the Small Ski Resorts category, while SKI BOR Črni vrh took second place ahead of Mojstrana. Kope claimed the top award in the Medium-Sized category, beating out Golte and Soriška planina.

In the Large Ski Resorts category, Cerkno won the popular award ahead of Vogel and Kanin. Rogla bagged the Best Snow Park award, while Kronplatz, Italy was crowned Best Foreign Ski Resort.

M. Z.; translated by D. V.
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