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Dave's challenge: Let's learn Slovene

330 epizod

Dave's challenge: Let's learn Slovene

330 epizod

ANG A young Slovene girl called Fani spent a year in the Emerald Isle working as an au-pair. After falling in love with good-humoured Irish bartender Dave, Fani lures him back to Maribor. But how can he possibly survive without knowing any Slovene? Trying to master »survival Slovene« turns out to be an incredible challenge for the highly motivated Dave, and occasionally a real nightmare for his beloved Fani. A Daily dose of Slovene language for foreigners wanting to improve their everyday Slovene, and have a laugh while doing it. Premieres every weekday at 7:30 am, rebroadcasts at 3:45 pm … only on Radio Si. ******************************************************* SLO Mlada slovenka Fani je leto dni preživela na zelenem Irskem kot varuška otrok. Tam se zaljubi v hudomušnega barmana Davea in ga zvabi, da se z njo vrne/preseli v Maribor. A le kako v Sloveniji preživeti brez znanja slovenščine? Spoznavanje »preživetvene slovenščine« je za izjemno motiviranega Irca neverjeten izziv, za njegovo Fani pa občasno prava nočna mora. Dnevna doza slovenskega jezika za vse tujce, ki bi se želeli vsak dan naučiti nekaj novih slovenskih besed za vsakdanjik in se ob tem še nasmejati. Vsak delavnik premiera ob 7:30, ponovitev ob 15:45 … samo na Radiu Si.


125 - Goooaaal!

Dave's favourite team is set to win and Dave and Fani will celebrate tonight! And next time, Dave can start using some of the Slovenian football vocabulary: CORNER KICK – KOT, HAND BALL – ROKA, FOUL - PREKRŠEK, FREE KICK – PROSTI STREL, RED CARD - RDEČI KARTON, YELLOW CARD – RUMENI KARTON, PENALTY KICK – ENAJSTMETROVKA, POWERFUL – MOČNO and VICTORY – ZMAGA. Oh, and the match did finish ONE-NIL – ENA-NIČ.


124 - Back to law - part 2

So, Dave is going back to school… There's a long way to go but he's optimistic… He's learning Slovene with every step. For example, he learned today that DEKAN is DEAN, SESTANEK is MEETING, NAD POVPREČJEM means ABOVE AVERAGE… and his GRADES - OCENE really are above average, so he can start TAKOJ - IMMEDIATELY with LECTURES – s PREDAVANJI.


123 - Back to law - part 1

Dave is about to go back to STUDY – ŠTUDIJ. He studied LAW – PRAVO back in Ireland and tomorrow he’s going to get more information at the FACULTY OF LAW – PRAVNA FAKULTETA, so he can CONTINUE HIS STUDIES – NADALJUJE ŠTUDIJ. When he becomes a PRAVNIK - ODVETNIK, he’ll be able to work at a COMPANY – v PODJETJU, at the COURT – na SODIŠČU, or have his own LAW OFFICE – ODVETNIŠKO PISARNO or ADVOKATURO. Today he also learned about Slovenia’s biggest POET – PESNIK, France Prešeren… the one who wrote Slovenia’s NATIONAL ANTHEM – HIMNA, the “Zdravljica”.


122 - Insomnia

There are many things you can do against NESPEČNOST – INSOMNIA. You can try and RELAX – UMIRITI SE, you can COUNT SHEEP – ŠTETI OVCE. Sometimes MILK AND COOKIES – MLEKO IN PIŠKOTI help as well. But there is a backdraft in doing this, as our Fani learned… you might end up SNORING - SMRČATI… SLADKE SANJE – SWEET DREAMS Fani… hope you fall asleep soon…


121 - What time is it?

Telling time in Slovene is making life even more complicated for Dave. He’s trying TO UNDERSTAND – DA RAZUME, but it IS COMPLICATED – JE KOMPLICIRANO. Let’s do a quick recap: WHAT TIME IS IT is KOLIKO JE URA, and for example: POL-ŠTIRI is HALF-PAST THREE. ČETRT NA ŠTIRI is a QUARTER PAST THREE, and TRI-ČETRT NA ŠTIRI is a QUARTER TO FOUR. We wish you the best of luck!


120 - Grape harvest

Today Dave learned some very important words in Slovenian… TRGATEV is GRAPE HARVEST, ŠKARJE are SCISSORS or SHEARS, and the word for a BOX is ŠKATLA… or maybe it's GAJBA... or... KIŠTA! Let's just say »škatla« for now!


119 - Slippers

So, Dave has learned about a common Slovenian habit… You have to take off your shoes and put on SLIPPERS – COPATI when you go into someone's house. You can't wear FLIP-FLOPS - NATIKAČI, or SANDALS - SANDALE. It's also not a good idea to wear your SOCKS – NOGAVICE (ZOKNI), and definitely don't go BAREFOOT – BOS/BOSONOG... But the most important thing is not to be TRMAST - STUBBORN.


118 - Dave at the gallery

It’s seems Dave’s not ready for Thursday yet but he learned some Slovene today. He learned that LOUD is GLASNO, ART is UMETNOST, RAINBOW is MAVRICA. And the colours: RED - RDEČA, YELLOW - RUMENA, ORANGE - ORANŽNA, GREEN – ZELENA and BLUE - MODRA. Now he knows an EXPERT is STROKOVNJAK and THURSDAY - ČETRTEK is almost here… ??


117 - Na vrsti, v vrsti

Today Dave learned that a VRSTA is a QUEUE, to be V VRSTI means to be IN A QUEUE, and when you’re NA VRSTI it means it’s YOUR TURN. Dave was smart enough to MAKE AN APPOINTMENT – SE JE NAROČIL, which means he did not have to WAIT – ČAKATI too long…


116 - Slepa kura

Today Dave learned another Slovene saying: SLEP KO KURA – BLIND AS A CHICKEN… While Fani loves MORNINGS – JUTRA, Dave LOVES TO SLEEP – OBOŽUJE SPANJE. SQUIRREL is VEVERICA, WEEKEND is KONEC TEDNA, SATURDAY is SOBOTA and sleeping is or maybe isn’t OVERRATED – PRECENJENO.


115 - Crying friend

Dave has done it again. He proved he can be a true FRIEND – a PRIJATELJ. HE UNDERSTANDS FRIENDS – ON RAZUME PRIJATELJE. And by doing that HE’S LEARNING – ON SE UČI new words, like for example NOSEČA – PREGNANT, PUNČKA – LITTE GIRL, and FANTEK – LITTLE BOY.


114 - Dishwasher problems

Poor Dave, he thought he´d have a relaxed day before his shift. But at least he learned a few new Slovene words. The DISHWASHER is POMIVALNI STROJ, not to be confused with the PRALNI STROJ or WAHING MACHINE. Among the HOUSEHOLD APPLIANCES – GOSPODINJSKI APARATI there is also the MICROWAVE OVEN or MIKROVALOVNA PEČICA. If you are lucky, they are still under WARRANTY – GARANCIJA, so you don’t have to pay for the “servis” or maintenance.


113 - Joining the gym

Today Fani finally managed to get Dave off the couch… and that's no mean feat because he wasn't using the WEIGHTS - UTEŽI that he had bought 6 months ago… And he wasn't going to do any PRESS-UPS (PUSH-UPS) - SKLECE, SIT-UPS - TREBUŠNJAKI or SQUATS – POČEPI at home. They're now proud MEMBERS - ČLANI of the local gym or 'fitnes'. MEMBERSHIP - ČLANARINA isn't exactly cheap, but they did get a DISCOUNT - POPUST and after filling out a FORM - OBRAZEC, they can now work out together. Čestitamo Dave and Fani!


112 - Weather forecast

PREKLETO - So be DAMNED. It turned out to be a CLOUDY, WINDY AND RAINY DAY – OBLAČEN, VETROVEN IN DEŽEVEN DAN. The WEATHER FORECAST – VREMENSKA NAPOVED said it was going to be DRY - SUHO, but it wasn’t. Fani and Dave did not have their UMBRELLA – DEŽNIK, but they did have two full bags of MUSHROOMS – GOBE. TWO KILOGRAMS PER PERSON - DVA KILOGRAMA NA OSEBO, to be exact.


111 - Meeting the priest

Dave’s learning experience is not always pleasant, but it is always educational! Today he learned the difference between a ŽUPNIK – PRIEST and a ŽUPAN – MAYOR, and that a CERKEV is a CHURCH, that MAŠA is MASS, and that TO PRAY is MOLITI…


110 - Buttons and stains

Fani has a lot of work ahead of her this afternoon mending Dave's clothes... but Dave did learn a few new words again. VELIKA LUKNJA – BIG HOLE, ŠIVATI – TO SEW, MADEŽ - STAIN, GUMB – BUTTON, MANJKA – MISSING, and ZADRGA - ZIP. If he's not more careful, Dave might have to wear OVERALLS - KOMBINEZON or DELOVNI PAJAC, the next time he goes to work.


109 - Saint's name day

As Dave tries to decide which GOD or SAINT’S NAME DAY he’ll choose, he’s learned about another one of Slovenia's cultural sides. He now knows that GOD doesn't mean God. That's BOG. Next year he’ll have to get Fani a MALO DARILO - a SMALL GIFT – maybe some SWEETS/CANDIES – BONBONI/SLADKARIJE or a BOUQUET OF FLOWERS – ŠOPEK ROŽICE for her Saint's Day - her 'god'... and he's even been to a BIRMA - a CONFIRMATION or possibly to an OBHAJILO – FIRST COMMUNION, or maybe it was a KRST - a CHRISTENING. He doesn't really remember... but, then, neither does Fani!


108 - Eurovision

As Dave and Fani celebrate Slovenia's first ever Eurovision Song Contest - or Eurosong - victory, let's look back at some of the words Dave learned this evening. GLASOVATI - TO VOTE, POWER CUT - IZKLOP ELEKTRIKE, SVEČKE – CANDLES, BATERIJSKA SVETILKA - FLASHLIGHT, NOČNA MORA – BAD DREAM / NIGHTMARE, SANJATI – TO DREAM, ZMAGATI – TO WIN, and KDO JE ZMAGAL/A? – WHO WON? Well, we know that Slovenia were the WINNERS - ZMAGOVALCI this year... and for Ireland, well, there's always next year for 'douze points'!


107 - Balloon ride

It was a BEAUTIFUL DAY or ČUDOVIT DAN for Fani as she took Dave on a BALLOON RIDE or POLET Z BALONOM. It wasn’t as amusing for Dave as HE’S AFRAID OF HEIGHTS – IMA STRAH PRED VIŠINO. So, he must have felt quite scared, when the balloon WAS FILLING WITH HOT AIR – SE JE POLNIL S TOPLIM ZRAKOM. At the end, Dave and Fani were enjoying a BEAUTIFUL VIEW or ČUDOVIT RAZGLED. Well, at least Fani was, as Dave was hoping to touch the ground soon…


106 - Hail

Although technology has evolved, a THUNDERSTORM or NEVIHTA can still cause damage to your household and car. Especially a HAILSTORM or NEVIHTA S TOČO. To prevent damage from either one people still like to pull the cables out of the electricity or like Fani said “kable izklopit iz toka”, or to lower the blinds. In case of a hailstorm it’s also best to cover the car with a BLANKET – ODEJA, or “koca” in the Styrian dialect. And it’s recommended to do this before the hailstorm, or you might get wet afterwards. Not to mention, dealing with the possible damage to REPAIRS or POPRAVILO…

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