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Dave's challenge: Let's learn Slovene

330 epizod

Dave's challenge: Let's learn Slovene

330 epizod

ANG A young Slovene girl called Fani spent a year in the Emerald Isle working as an au-pair. After falling in love with good-humoured Irish bartender Dave, Fani lures him back to Maribor. But how can he possibly survive without knowing any Slovene? Trying to master »survival Slovene« turns out to be an incredible challenge for the highly motivated Dave, and occasionally a real nightmare for his beloved Fani. A Daily dose of Slovene language for foreigners wanting to improve their everyday Slovene, and have a laugh while doing it. Premieres every weekday at 7:30 am, rebroadcasts at 3:45 pm … only on Radio Si. ******************************************************* SLO Mlada slovenka Fani je leto dni preživela na zelenem Irskem kot varuška otrok. Tam se zaljubi v hudomušnega barmana Davea in ga zvabi, da se z njo vrne/preseli v Maribor. A le kako v Sloveniji preživeti brez znanja slovenščine? Spoznavanje »preživetvene slovenščine« je za izjemno motiviranega Irca neverjeten izziv, za njegovo Fani pa občasno prava nočna mora. Dnevna doza slovenskega jezika za vse tujce, ki bi se želeli vsak dan naučiti nekaj novih slovenskih besed za vsakdanjik in se ob tem še nasmejati. Vsak delavnik premiera ob 7:30, ponovitev ob 15:45 … samo na Radiu Si.


145 - Wine cellar

Dave has become a wine lover. Milena took him to the WINE CELLAR - VINSKA KLET between beautiful VINEYARDS – VINOGRADI. He learned new words: PREŠA or STISKALNICA means GRAPE PRESS, SOD is BARREL, SUHO is DRY, POLSUHO is HALF DRY, POLSLADKO is HALF SWEET and SLADKO is SWEET. He also knows that SVEŽINA means FRESHNESS and that PLETENKA is the funny WICKER BOTTLE.


144 - Koline

Dave enjoyed a bit of Ireland today as he and his love Fani were invited to "KOLINE" or to make sausages from a slaughter. They made KAŠNICE – WHITE PUDDING and KRVAVICE - BLACK PUDDING. Fani wasn’t around as she is more of a VEGETARIAN - VEGETERIJANEC/KA. Maybe she just doesn’t like to eat BLOOD or KRI for breakfast…I mean who would…well, nevermind…   


143 - Vehicle technical check

Dave was expecting a quieter day off but at least he learnt a lot of new and useful words in TWO languages this time..Slovenian and the Štajerska dialect. BRAKES are ZAVORE in Slovenian, BREMZE in Štajerska. The CLUTCH is MENJALNIK or SKLOPKA/KUPLUNGA. A MIRROR is OGLEDALO or ŠPEGEL. WINDSCREEN WIPERS are BRISALCI or ŠAJBNVIŠERI. And a TECHNICAL CHECK is TEHNIČNI PREGLED in most places. And it wasn't all about cars either... SPREDAJ is AT THE FRONT, and ZADAJ is AT THE BACK... And the good news is that Dave gets to do it all again NEXT YEAR - NASLEDNJE/DRUGO LETO!   


142 - Dave's cycling trip

Dave isn't exactly a top class athlete... but at least he meant well and did try to practise his Slovene along the way. He did learn a few new words though. KOLESARSKA STEZA - CYCLING LANE, PAUZA - BREAK, KOLESARSKI IZLET- CYCLING TRIP, GUME - TIRES, and to PUMP/FILL the tires is NAPUMPATI/NAFILATI gume. VERIGA is a CHAIN... but Dave and Fani won't be visiting a chain of towns named after the days of the week any time soon... at least not this weekend anyway. They'll be lucky to make it to the next village... for a rogljiček or some pogača :)


141 - Bridget Jones

And that's how Dave and Fani's movie night ended… Well at least Dave learned KOKICE is POPCORN, COMPLAINING is JAMRANJE, a SAW is a ŽAGA or MOTORKA, and his SNORING - SMRČANJE is pretty loud.


140 - Styrian dialect

Such are the everyday dialogues in Maribor... However, Dave is learning new words: PRIJAZNI means FRIENDLY, POLJUBITI – TO KISS, ZLOMITI – TO BRAKE, STRANIŠČE is TOILET, PREPIRATI SE – TO ARGUE, POSTAVA is FIGURE, ČUDOVITO means ADORABLE, and STRINJATI SE means TO AGREE.


139 - Tick

Dave is still alive and has learned a few new Slovenian words... TICK is KLOP and they can be really dangerous. He knows now that NOTHING BIT HIM – NIČ GA NI PIČILO and HE DIDN’T FAINT – NI OMEDLEL. Thank god Fani was so calm and had TWEEZERS - a PINCETA. And it’s true, POISON - STRUP is sometimes hidden in small bottles.


138 - Google knows more than Fani

History is a wonderful thing. It teaches us about important things that happened in the past. Like about the RUINS OF A CASTLE – RAZBITINE GRADU, a PUBLIC BATH – JAVNO KOPALIŠČE, or even about a YOUNG SHOEMAKER - ČEVLJARČEK that saved a city. But on the other hand, there is a saying which says “Happy wife, happy life”. And as our Irish friend learned, no matter how much Google knows, you should at least listen to your better half or let her enjoy just watching a BEAUTIFUL VIEW – ČUDOVIT RAZGLED, if you don’t want trouble in paradise…


137 - At the swimming pool

What a splash! I can tell you that their KOPALKE – SWIMSUITS, did stay on after that jump. And there were not many KOPALCEV – BATHERS at the KOPALIŠČE – SWIMMING POOL that day, so Fani was happy that Dave bought their VSTOPNICE – TICKETS. And some other words Dave learned today: CELODNEVNA VSTOPNICA – ALL-DAY TICKET, ŠTIRI-URNA VSTOPNICA – FOUR-HOUR TICKET, STOPNICE are STAIRS, and a TOWEL is called a BRISAČA.


136 - Doughnuts

Dave persuaded Fani that ONE DOUGHNUT – EN KROF would not be enough. Dave convinced Fani that the right thing to do would be to get SIX DOUGHNUTS – ŠEST KROFOV, because the 7th would then be FREE - BREZPLAČEN. Dave also learned that MARELIČNA MARMELADA is APRICOT JAM, BOROVNIČEVA MARMELADA is BLUEBERRY JAM, and that Slovenia’s DESSERTS – SLADICE, are sweet, but difficult to pronounce.


135 - Back at work

Dave is finally back from BOLNIŠKA – SICK LEAVE. His WOUND HAS HEALED – RANA SE JE ZACELILA. And his co-workers are happy he’s back, especially the cleaning lady Milena. It’s an unwritten tradition to SPITI ENEGA KRATKEGA or a HAVE A SHOT OF SPIRIT for such an occasion… Well actually, Slovenes find a REASON TO SAY A TOAST – RAZLOG DA NAZDRAVIJO very often… NA ZDRAVJE DAVE, glad you are back!


134 - Dave goes for a bandage change

Luckily, everything seems to be alright with Dave´s WOUND - RANA… Dave visited the doctor today for a PREVEZ or BANDAGE CHANGE… Although according to Dave it still HURTS - BOLI, the doctor said everything should be fine. He gave Dave some PROTIBOLEČINSKE TABLETE - PAINKILLERS and told him to come back in one week…


133 - Dave cuts himself

Today our Irish friend learned the hard way, that you should always focus, and in his case stay away from the HOSTESA - HOSTESS, even if she looks STUNNING or “BOMBA” - as his co-worker said:) Dave wasn’t paying attention and he even cut himself and WAS BLEEDING – JE KRVAVEL. In the end Dave needed some STICHES - ŠIVI… Luckily Milena drove him to the HOSPITAL – BOLNICA/BOLNIŠNICA. I think I speak for all when I say it’s better not to tell Fani the real story of what really happened…


132 - Taking out the trash



131 - Hail damage

Today Dave managed to get his HAIL DAMAGE – ŠKODA ZARADI TOČE validated at the INSURANCE COMPANY - ZAVAROVALNICA. The VALUATOR - CENILEC made some PICTURES - FOTOGRAFIJE, filed a REPORT - POROČILO and Dave can now get the damage fixed. Of course, he will still have to drive to the PAINT SHOP - LIČARSKA DELAVNICA, but that is another story…


130 - Hungry for burgers

Dave was LAČEN – HUNGRY. There was nothing in the HLADILNIK – FRIDGE, and so he and Fani decided to get some burgers. And when it comes to burgers, today Dave learned that VEGGIE is VEGE, DOUBLE is DVOJNI, a TURKEY is a PURAN, BEEF is GOVEDINA, CHEESE is SIR, FRENCH FRIES are POMFRIT (OCVRT KROMPIRČEK), WITHOUT is BREZ, TO GO is ZA ZRAVEN, and Dave is already DRULING – Dave SE SLINI…


129 - Mushrooms and chestnuts

Fani surprised Dave today with a full BASKET – KOŠARA of CHESTNUTS – KOSTANJI and MUSHROOMS - GOBE and hers weren’t POISONOUS - STRUPENE. They decided to have an autumn picnic with the NEIGHBOURS – SOSEDI. Autumn is Fani’s favorite SEASON OF THE YEAR - LETNI ČAS.


128 - High, low, deep, shallow

Dave's first attempt at RAW CAKE – PRESNA TORTA was a success. He also learned a few new Slovenian words: ZGORNJI - UPPER, SPODNJI - LOWER, VISOK - HIGH, GLOBOK - DEEP, PLITEK - SHALLOW, OZEK - NARROW, ŠIROK - WIDE, TEMNO – DARK, SVETLO - BRIGHT, TEŽEK - HEAVY and LAHEK - LIGHT. PREDAL is a DRAWER, and PLAST is a LAYER. Dave needs to wear an APRON - PREDPASNIK, to keep his clothes clean and if his next cake turns out as well, he might even offer you a slice… Izvoli :)


127 - Weapons and tools

Yes, ORODJE – TOOL is not the same as OROŽJE - WEAPON. Dave first told Jože that he has a PROBLEM – a TEŽAVO that is VERY COMPLICATED – ZELO KOMPLICIRANA. But when Dave explained that he needed to make a HOLE – LUKNJA, for a PLUMBING PIPE – VODOVODNA CEV, sosed Jože finally understood that what Dave needs is a POWER DRILL – VRTALNIK, which is an orodje, which you can use without a LICENCE – DOVOLJENJE.


126 - Rally driving in Prekmurje

While Dave gets to grips with eastern Slovenian place names, let's see what he learned on the drive home. AVTOCESTA is a MOTORWAY/HIGHWAY. ZAPRTO/A is CLOSED, OBVOZ is a DETOUR, ŽIVAL NA CESTI is AN ANIMAL ON THE ROAD, DELO NA CESTI means ROADWORKS, OKVARJENO TOVORNO VOZILO is a BROKEN DOWN LORRY/TRUCK and NESREČA is an ACCIDENT. And let's hope that Dave's driving skills get up to speed on Slovenia's fast roads pretty soon.

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