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Dave's challenge: Let's learn Slovene

330 epizod

Dave's challenge: Let's learn Slovene

330 epizod

ANG A young Slovene girl called Fani spent a year in the Emerald Isle working as an au-pair. After falling in love with good-humoured Irish bartender Dave, Fani lures him back to Maribor. But how can he possibly survive without knowing any Slovene? Trying to master »survival Slovene« turns out to be an incredible challenge for the highly motivated Dave, and occasionally a real nightmare for his beloved Fani. A Daily dose of Slovene language for foreigners wanting to improve their everyday Slovene, and have a laugh while doing it. Premieres every weekday at 7:30 am, rebroadcasts at 3:45 pm … only on Radio Si. ******************************************************* SLO Mlada slovenka Fani je leto dni preživela na zelenem Irskem kot varuška otrok. Tam se zaljubi v hudomušnega barmana Davea in ga zvabi, da se z njo vrne/preseli v Maribor. A le kako v Sloveniji preživeti brez znanja slovenščine? Spoznavanje »preživetvene slovenščine« je za izjemno motiviranega Irca neverjeten izziv, za njegovo Fani pa občasno prava nočna mora. Dnevna doza slovenskega jezika za vse tujce, ki bi se želeli vsak dan naučiti nekaj novih slovenskih besed za vsakdanjik in se ob tem še nasmejati. Vsak delavnik premiera ob 7:30, ponovitev ob 15:45 … samo na Radiu Si.


165 - Vi & ti

Dave learned today that LEARNING or EDUCATION is IZOBRAŽEVANJE. He also found out that it's important to know when to 'VIKATI' - to use the polite form - or 'TIKATI'. When using the polite form we don't say 'SI' but 'STE'. “FOR YOU” in the polite form is 'ZA VAS'. The verbs also have to change… I think that Dave will get it…SČASOMA - EVENTUALLY!


164 - In the basement

Oh, those love birds… And Dave, he’s learning Slovene AT EVERY OPPORTUNITY – OB VSAKI PRILOŽNOSTI. Even when cleaning the BASEMENT - KLET or TEMNA LUKNJA – DARK HOLE. They found old SHOES – ČEVLJI and CLOTHES – OBLAČILA… from 2009. Fani used to work out also, there was some old WORKOUT DEVICE – TELOVADNA NAPRAVA. And back in the days friends wrote in her SPOMINSKA KNJIGA – MEMORY BOOK.


163 - Dave irons a shirt

Today Dave learned from Mia that SESTANEK is a MEETING, SLUŽBA is WORK, LIKATI is TO IRON, LIKALNIK is AN IRON, OBLAČILA are CLOTHES, STOJALO is a CLOTHES HORSE, ODLOČITI is TO DECIDE, DOBRO VPRAŠANJE is A GOOD QUESTION, and Fani is always LOVELY - LEPA… and never ANGRY – JEZNA... unlike her sister Špela, it seems!


162 - English lessons

And that's how Dave started giving private English lessons. In doing so he also learned a few more Slovenian words: AD – OGLAS, URE – LESSONS, NATIVE SPEAKER – NARAVNI GOVOREC, BEGINNERS – ZAČETNIKI, ADVANCED – NAPREDNI, DVA KRAT NA TEDEN – TWO TIMES A WEEK, PRICE – CENA, PREVEČ – TOO MUCH, PREMALO – TOO LITTLE, and A NEGOTIABLE PRICE is CENA PO DOGOVORU.


161 - Skiing

Dave’s first ski lesson was fun. He fell x times, but he’s still willing to learn. Today he learned SNEG is SNOW, SMUČI are SKIS, ROKAVICE are GLOVES, ŠAL is SCARF and ŠALA is a JOKE. He now also knows that FUN is ZABAVA and SNEŽAK is a SNOWMAN.


160 - Shooting pool

NASLEDNJIČ – NEXT TIME Dave will be back. And he will play POOL – BILIJARD again. However, Dave did not accept the STAVA – BET this time. Instead, he decided to keep his PROMISE – OBLJUBA to Fani and be home by 11. But next time he plays pool he will now the vocabulary - a CUE is PALICA, TO BREAK is DA RAZBIJEŠ, and you can play with the PRAZNE - STRIPES or POLNE – SOLID balls.


159 - Looking for a house part 2

So... FINGERS CROSSED – DRŽIMO PESTI for Dave and Fani and their HOUSING LOAN – STANOVANJSKI KREDIT. Today our couple found their DREAM HOUSE – SANJSKA HIŠA but earlier thought that Izidor was about to sell them a WRECK - PODRTIJA.


158 - Looking for a house part 1

Fani and Dave are going to see a HOUSE - HIŠA with gospod KLOBASA – SAUSAGE. Dave’s CLASSMATE - SOŠOLEC owns a REAL ESTATE AGENCY – NEPREMIČNINSKO AGENCIJO and is a REAL ESTATE AGENT – NEPREMIČNINSKI AGENT. Well, we’ll see what the young couple will say about the house NEAR MARIBOR – BLIZU MARIBORA.


157 - Chest of drawers

Ah, there is nothing that can spice up your life better than a good home improvement project. Our couple bought a new KOMODA or CHEST OF DRAWERS. They decided to SET IT UP / ASSEMBLE IT – MONTIRATI themselves, with the help of a KLADIVO – HAMMER, a SCREWDRIVER – IZVIJAČ, SCREWS – VIJAKI, and a few NAILS – ŽEBLJI, as well as lot of patience and trust, not to get “s hamrom po prstu…”


156 - Resignation

Will Dave really loose his best friend at work? He is not happy that Milena has decided to DATI ODPOVED – TO RESIGN or QUIT, but he did learn some new words: ZAUPATI means TO TRUST, MEJA is BORDER, USTREZATI means FITS, TRGATEV is GRAPE HARVEST, VINOGRAD is VINEYARD, NAREZEK is MEAT PLATE, OSNOVNA ŠOLA – PRIMARY SCHOOL, POGUMNO means BRAVE, LASTNIK is OWNER, NEUČAKAN is IMPATIENT, DELAVNIK – WORKING DAY and KOSTANJI are CHESTNUTS. VSO SREČO – GOOD LUCK, Milena!


155 - Viole at work

What an experience for Dave. A little fan atmosphere and there are already a bunch of new words here: NAPETA TEKMA - TENSE MATCH, OGREVATI – TO WARM UP, PETI – TO SING, PESEM - SONG, ZAPLETENO - COMPLICATED, ČAST – HONOR. SAMO EN means ONLY ONE, NAPOVEDATI is TO PREDICT, VEDEŽEVALEC is a FORTUNE TELLER, and REVEŽ means a POOR MAN.


154 - Klopotec

A KLOPOTEC or WIND RATTLE is a symbol of Styria. Of course, Slovenes are known for their strange records, some even made it into the GUINNESS BOOK OF RECORDS or GINESOVA KNJIGA REKORDOV as we supposedly have the highest “klopotec” in the world. The size of its BLADES or KRIL is said to be 18 meters. As Dave pointed out, they don’t have wind rattles in Ireland, and there´s also another thing you don’t find in Ireland, it’s a SNAKE or KAČA…


153 - Irish phrases

There is nothing like a good chat with a friend over a drink… This time Dave was the teacher, as he explained a few of the Irish PHRASES - IZRAZI he commonly uses. BLIMEY means to express SURPRISE - PRESENEČENJE. JANEY MACK has the same meaning and is short for JESUS, MARY and JOSEPH - JEZUS, MARIJA in JOŽEF. When you want to GO TO THE TOILET – ITI NA STRANIŠČE/WC, in Ireland you say “YOU GOTTA HIT THE JACKS”. And perhaps the most often used Irish word is SLÁINTE or NA ZDRAVJE!


152 - TV night

So, after watching their… or maybe Fani's favourite TV show, it appears that Dave has SOMETHING IN THE EYE - NEKAJ V OKO but he insists that it's not SOLZE - TEARS. Fani definitely got GOOSEBUMPS – KURJA POLT after that episode. Dave should stretch a little bit more. He started the evening with pins and needles… and ended it with a CRAMP - KRČ. Maybe he should see the Valley Doctor about that.


151 - St. Martin's Feast

Dave really can be a bit silly sometimes, but his Fani loves him just the way he is… Although he makes her mad from time to time… And she also loves his Slovene… Today for example he learned DUCK is RACA, MUST is MOŠT, PASTA TATTERS are MLINCI, and CABAGGE is ZELJE… RDEČE – RED zelje must be on the table on ST. MARTIN'S DAY – MARTINOVO. He also learned the WINE STORE is VINOTEKA and that a BIG BOUQUET OF FLOWERS – VELIK ŠOPEK ROŽ can fix almost anything…


150 - Tarok

Today Dave had his first experience in playing the CARD GAME or IGRA S KARTAMI “Tarok”. He learned that Tarok isn’t used to tell fortune from cards. Instead, you play a new game each ROUND, or as Pero said RUNDA. He also learned that the Slovene saying: “SREČA V KARTAH, NESREČA V LJUBEZNI" or “LUCKY AT CARDS, UNLUCKY IN LOVE” can also be true…


149 - St. Martin's Day

Slovenes and their WINE - VINO. Today Dave has learned that the ST. MARTIN'S DAY FESTIVAL is called “MARTINOVANJE”. CHEERS means NA ZDRAVJE, a BIG CROWD is called VELIKA GNEČA, a RUNDA means a ROUND OF DRINKS, and if you’ve had too much to drink, you’ll end up with a HANGOVER or MAČEK…


148 - Sour cabbage

Dave has found out that going back to study isn’t easy… but he also found out that he likes sour cabbage… Now he knows that ZELJE is CABBAGE, KISLO is SOUR, and ZAJEC is RABBIT. EXHAUSTED is IZMUČEN, DINNER is VEČERJA, LUNCH is KOSILO, and as he loves sour cabbage he’s lucky Fani made a CEL LONEC – WHOLE POT of it.


147 - The lottery

“VEČ SREČE PRIHODNJIČ” or “BETTER LUCK NEXT TIME” as our couple failed to win the LOTTERY JACKPOT or GLAVNI LOTERIJSKI DOBITEK. In fact, they only got 1 out of 7 NUMBERS - ŠTEVILKE right in the LOTTERY DRAW – ŽREB LOTERIJE. Guess Dave really used up all the famous luck of the Irish by getting Fani…


146 - Winter tires

Today Dave learned that GUME are TIRES, MENJAVA is TO CHANGE and, well, Fani thinks that he's a bit »hin« sometimes.

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