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Study abroad

202 epizod

Study abroad

202 epizod

We take a peek into the lives of foreign students living in Slovenia. Did they come to party, study or just shake up their everyday lives? What makes these young people tick and what do they think about the country they've come to? Listen to the challenges they face and what they miss from home. Has this experience changed them? Are they considering staying here? Every Monday at 11:25 only on Radio Si. Do you want to share your experience? Just write to pr@radiosi.eu and maybe you are our next guest.


Lorenzo in Anita are teens who came to Maribor for a three week internship

The 17- and 18-year-old didn’t have much of a choice when it came to selecting the country of their internship, but they did end up liking their time in Maribor and Slovenia in general a lot. They chose to play the song Heavy Fuel by Dire Straits.


Adrian started his echange on one path and is ending it on another

Adrian is one of those people who believes that if you truly truly set your mind to something, you can achieve it. And that sometimes, the path you start on isn't the one you end up on. He chose to play the song La casa por el tejado by Fito & Fitipaldis.


Luca's decision to study in Ljubljana was literally made overnight

One challenge Luca says she faced in Ljubljana was the language barrier as she does not speak Slovenian. What differences has she noticed between studying and life in the Netherlands vs. In Slovenia? She chose to play the song If I Am Only My Thoughts by Loving.


Ana says her semester abroad enabled her to grow as a person

Ana says her friends were taken aback by her choice to study in Slovenia for a semester. Nevertheless, she proceeded with her decision, emphasizing the significance of allowing oneself the opportunity to explore their identity in youth, free from the influences and pressures of their home environment. She chose to play the song Don’t Let Me Down by The Beatles.


Flore says when she saw Ljubljana among her exchange options, she knew this was a perfect option for her

Flore says that she couldn't have chosen a better place for the exchange than Ljubljana, as it embodies everything she wanted and that adventures were bountiful here - from weekend trips to different parts of the country to losing her phone on Triglav. She chose to play the song Moon Bird by Roger Webb.


Silvia says that she was surprised by the slowness of life in Maribor

The Media Communications student says what surprised her in Maribor was that playgrounds for children are often found next to cafes. This is not the case in Spain. In fact, Slivia says she hasn’t seen it anywhere else. She chose to play the song Hell’s Comin' With Me by Poor Man’s Poison.


Slovenia might want to take a page from Finland's corriculum when it comes to home economics

Venla studies home economics. In Finland, it's a subject that's mandatory for both elementary and secondary school students. Students aged between 13 and 15 learn various household tasks and chores, including getting familiar with electricity, furniture care, painting, and more. They also learn the basics of family economics, law, finance, natural sciences, physics, mathematics, environmental issues, and similar topics. What differences has Venla noticed between her home country and Ljubljana? She chose to play the song September by Earth, Wind & Fire.


For Laura, snow was the deciding factor when choosing to study in Ljubljana

It hasn't snowed for a couple of months now, but it did fall in January when we recorded an interview with Laura in Ljubljana. Laura hails from southern Spain, where it rarely snows except in one place. Interestingly, snow was one of the main reasons she chose to spend a semester in Slovenia. She chose to play the song Motomami by Rosalía.


Can spent a semester in Ljubljana 5 years ago. He then decided to give Maribor a chance

Five years ago, Can embarked on an Erasmus exchange to Ljubljana, where he spent a semester. Now, as a PhD student, he's opted for a change of scenery, diving into the academic environment of Maribor. In this episode, discover Can's impressions of Styria's capital, learn about the most frequent question Slovenians posed to him during his previous stint, and delve into Anatolian rock music—what it is and how it sounds like. Can’s music piece of choice is Cemalim by Erkin Koray.


Andrej always knew he wanted to study abroad

Two years ago, Andrej started his studies at Maribor's FERI. But this was not the faculty he wanted to enroll in originally. He chose to play the song Bella by Pajak x Lara.


Nevena chose to pursue studies in social work after years of work in her own NGO

Nevena chose to pursue studies in social work after years of dedicated work in her own non-governmental organization, supporting children and youth with disabilities. What did she think of Slovenia's capital and how accessible is it in her opinion? She chose to play the song Ljubav by Bojana Vunturišević.


Eliška became a “true Slovene” in just two weeks!

During her second weekend in Ljubljana, Eliška became a "true Slovene." Climbing Triglav was just the beginning, as she continued scaling numerous peaks. According to her, the stereotype about how Czechs love to go hiking holds true. She chose to play the song Could Have Been Me by The Struts.


Emin says that in Turkey, people often know very little about Slovenia

The Erasmus student says that often, the first association of his compatriots when mentioning Slovenia is Yugoslavia. After spending a semester in Ljubljana, he believes Slovenia is much more beautiful and interesting than they imagine. He chose to play the song You're the voice by John Farnham


Lana first visited Slovenia when she was only 4 years old

Lana says she feels blessed to be able to study in Slovenia for free. She says that in Serbia, entrance exams determine who secures scholarships. Those at the top earn the scholarships, while others have to pay tuition fees.


Candice and Jade say we should not only take opportunities when they arise but make them happen!

Candice and Jade are currently back in France after acing their 6-week Erasmus internship in Ljubljana this summer. To secure their spot, they hustled—applying, emailing, and making things happen! They chose to play the song Osama by Zakes Bantwini and Kasango.


Jaanika says Slovenia is the only other country apart from her native Estonia where she has felt at home

Despite having lived in Slovakia, Greece and other countries, Jaanika says that apart from her native Estonia, Slovenia is the only other country where she has felt at home. She came to Slovenia to study cognitive science for one semester, but ended up staing here for more than 2 years. She chose to play the song X-RAY by Tommy Cash.


Bojana says she embraces mistakes as valuable lessons during her stay in Ljubljana

The dual form may come as a surprise to some foreigners who move to Slovenia. For Bojana, who moved here from North Macedonia three years ago (and since has learned to speak Slovenian fluently), learning the language was, at first, one of her biggest challenges. Now, she finds the dual form romantic. The speech and language therapy student says that learning new languages is also something that comes in handy professionally. She chose to play the song Que Será, Será (Whatever Will Be, Will Be) by Doris Day.


After spending a year in Ljubljana, Mark says he will return to Madrid a changed man

Mark has lived in Madrid his whole life, but he says it was only during his exchange in Ljubljana that he truly stepped out of his comfort zone. He spent a whole year in Ljubljana and says he wouldn't change a thing about Slovenia.


Ester spent the last year of her studies creating a "love letter to Ljubljana"

Ester came from North Macedonia to study Textile and fashion design in Ljubljana. She says she decided to spend her last year of studies in Ljubljana creating a fashion collection dedicated to her time in Ljubljana, which she says is a kind of »love letter« to the city. The 22-year-old chose to play the song The Caged Bird Sings by The Polish Ambassador.


One of the things Ilona found very different to Estonia was the lack of digitalization

Estonia is recognized as the world's most advanced digital society. It also has one of the world’s best internet connections and more startups per person than Silicon Valley. Ilona, who spent a semester in Maribor says this lack of digital conveniences was one of the bigger differences she noticed in Slovenia. She chose to play the song Paraadna by Estonian rapper nublu.

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