Luka Dončič and Dallas coach Rick Carlisle. Foto: Reuters
Luka Dončič and Dallas coach Rick Carlisle. Foto: Reuters

The contract will bring Luka a total of 18,5 million US dollars in the first three seasons. Dončić will earn 5,467 million dollars in the first season, 6,402 million dollars in the second, and 6,707 million dollars in the third. In his fourth year the Slovenian guard will get 26,4 percent more than in his third year and Dallas will be able to offer him a new multi-year contract. Among this year’s NBA rookies only the first two drafts – Phoenix’s DeAndre Ayton (23,1 million) and Sacramento’s Marvin Bagley (20,6 million) will earn more.

"It’s been a long time. I’m so excited. I know I can just play, so that’s what I want to do, just play," said Dončić.

Dončić arrived with the team in Las Vegas hoping to play at least one of the summer league games, but buying out his contract from Real Madrid took longer than expected. Dallas also had to wait for Dončić to receive a FIBA letter of clearance.

Luka Dončić will most likely not be playing in the summer league. "I know he’s restless and that he wants to play, but we’ll have to wait a little longer. But there still is a possibility for him to play a game or two," said Dallas coach Rick Carlisle. What is certain though is that he will not be playing alongside point guard Dennis Smith Jr. this summer, as he just wrapped up his summer league responsibilities. The Smith-Dončić pair is considered the future of the Mavericks, and fans can’t wait to see them on the court together.
"He’s thrilled to be in Dallas. He’s gotten a lot of quality time with his teammates. He probably won’t be playing in the summer league, but resting after such a difficult season is equally important," said Carlisle.