Air pollution with PM10 particles in Slovenia, data from Arso. Foto: Arso
Air pollution with PM10 particles in Slovenia, data from Arso. Foto: Arso

In Ljubljana, Novo mesto and other bigger towns the air pollution is moderate, and it is low in Primorska. PM10 are particles in the air, which are in diameter smaller than 10 micrometres, which is why mechanisms in the oral and nasal cavity cannot filter them.

Therefore, the Slovenian Environmental Agency invites people to give up fireworks and other pyrotechnics at the New Year’s celebration this time, and this way contribute to air quality.

And this is exactly what some places are planning on doing. Slovenj Gradec and Kranj are two of many municipalities where they won't start 2019 with fireworks. Slovenj Gradec has been doing this for seven years.

“The decision was made mainly due to environmental and financial reason because fireworks are a huge annual financial burden and this money could be spent on other events,” said Marija Lah from the public institute Spotur Sloenj Gradec.

Fireworks are cancelled in Kranj for the protection of the environment. “There will surely be a lot going on, we’re going to have a lot of fun, and we also prepared confetti, which are decomposable, so that people from Kranj are also aware of what is good for nature and for Municipality of Kranj,” said Matjaž Rakovec, the mayor of Kranj.

Those who will celebrate the New Year’s Eve in the capital will also be able to watch the magnificent fireworks from Ljubljana Castle this year. The municipality will have spent over 3,600 euros for it. They say that they did not opt for cancelling fireworks, because it brings great pleasure to the visitors, while potential negative impacts – the municipality believes – are not that big.