Police reportedly arrests Andrej Šiško. Foto: BoBo
Police reportedly arrests Andrej Šiško. Foto: BoBo

"In the past couple of days the Slovenian police has been working on the case, connected to the published photographs on social media networks, with the utmost seriousness and in line with its statutory powers. An intensive pre-trial investigation was lead by the District State Prosecutors' Office in Maribor. Crime officers from the Maribor police directorate and the General police directorate started conducting 5 house searches today in apartments and vehicles. In line with the Criminal Procedure Act, two suspects have been arrested. Taking part in the whole operation are 40 crime officers," informed the General police directorate (GPU). According to the GPU, the investigation is being carried out in the areas of Maribor and Murska Sobota.
Certian individuals have been misled
The GPU explained that as part of the investigation it has been discovered that one part of the participants of the gathering in the region of Apače on the 1st of September, were misled by the organizers. The police is therefore calling on all those who took part in the event to contact their local police stations, call the police on 113, or use the anonymous police number 080-1200.
Paramilitary Štajerska Guard
Photographs of masked men armed with cold weapons (axes) and firearms, posted on Facebook, caught the attention of Slovenian social network users at the end of last week. The only one not wearing a mask was the presidential candidate in the last elections, Andrej Šiško, who commanded the procession.
Šiško confirmed that he commanded the group but added that it was not a paramilitary unit, but a "voluntary defence group of the free people of Štajerska," called the Štajerska Guard (Štajerska Varda).