. Foto: BoBo
. Foto: BoBo

Extremely uncertain conditions right before July 7th, the date when the last paediatric cardiologist, who resigned at the beginning of may, is leaving the Paediatric Clinic, were at least somehow alleviated by the statement of Ana Medved, the state secretary, saying that the conditions of employment for foreign specialists will be lowered.

They already coordinated changes in the law on medical services with the Medical Chamber of Slovenia. They suggest that the minister of health will, in special cases, issue an order, which means that specialists can temporarily work in Slovenia.

Of course, this is only going to be used in special cases, when health institution cannot provide uninterrupted health care services and when patient's life is at risk. »In this extreme cases, Slovene language proficiency won't be a requirement, however, the provider must ensure communication in Slovene language and appropriately adjusted documentation«.

The ministry hopes for the newly established parliament to have an emergency session before July 7th and to confirm changes as a matter of urgency. This way they would let children's cardiologist and heart surgeon from the U.S. start working at the Paediatric Clinic right away.

The paediatric cardiologist from Bosnia and Herzegovina will be able to get employed by UKC Ljubljana hospital or by the Institute of Paediatric Cardiology following the same procedure. Complications related to his employment were the major reason why the medical director of the Paediatric Clinic at the UKC Ljubljana Hospital Anamarija Meglič resigned.