Before the incident, he even verbally attacked them. The driver escaped through the Italian border Solkan and he still hasn’t been tracked down.

The driver of a white Fiat with Slovenian license plates repeatedly drove past the journalist of RTV Slovenija. While the journalist and the cameraman were filming a statement from a random Russian tourist, who came to see the market, the driver opened the window and started insulting them in Italian: "Vaffanculo, maledetta camera!" which means:”Go to hell, damn camera!”

The cameraman reacted quickly
“The cameraman and I were not paying much attention to him since he drove away. A couple of seconds later, when we were filming the statement, the same driver came back from the opposite direction, driving towards us, however, he eventually turned away. This scared the Russian tourist and he said:”This was really very close …” explained Mojca Dumančič. They continued filming, however, the driver of the white Fiat came back for the third time in about ten or twenty seconds. He stepped on the gas, targeting the journalist, the cameraman, and the tourist.

The Russian tourist started yelling, but the cameraman and the journalist were facing the opposite direction and they couldn’t see what was happening on the road. Luckily, the cameraman reacted quickly and he jumped away, the driver, however, stepped on the gas and run over the camera stand. The camera is completely destroyed.

The driver escaped to Italy
After he passed the border Solkan, he escaped to the Italian Republic. Soon after they reported the incident, the police station Nova Gorica sent their police patrol in order to track down the driver. According to the data obtained, the police found the owner of the vehicle.

Journalist of RTV Slovenija was covering news about the coexistence between Nova Gorica and Italian Gorica, about the symbolic Europe square and about the initiatives to bring together both cities at this common market.