The Potica is Slovenia's biggest culinary specialty. Foto: BoBo
The Potica is Slovenia's biggest culinary specialty. Foto: BoBo

Skvarča is a highly educated sensory analyst of food with years of experience. This is what she says about the potica cake: "The Potica is surely Slovenia's biggest culinary specialty. In the past it was considered a luxury and was on the table only a few times a year. Today, when we have so little free time, industrial-made poticas, which are different from the classic poticas, have come to the forefront."
However, family tradition always stands out, regardless of the holidays or regions. "When they come home for the holidays everyone expects to eat the potica from their childhood, as it once was." Every season is connected to different fillings. Definitely the most popular is the walnut potica, which is also one of the five poticas protected as a Slovenian potica. But the other poticas, which have different ingredients, can perhaps be even more interesting – we have sweet, salty and meaty poticas, poticas filled with herbs and many other kinds of fillings. The older recipes include fillings with walnuts, hazelnuts, cottage cheese, honey and dried fruit, while newer poticas are filled with chocolate, cocoa or exotic fruits. Last year there were a lot of carrot poticas.

During the Easter holidays the poticas differ depending on the region. The most common Easter poticas are made of walnuts and raisins, as well as hazelnuts, carob and poppy seeds. But one can also find special poticas. In the Prlekija region they use a filling of plum jam, walnuts and poppy seeds, while elsewhere one can also find fillings of carob, dried fruit, and even pork rind and sausages. If the dough is made from wheat flour the potica is named according to its filling. If we use a different kind of flour, then the potica is called after the type of dough - for example buckwheat potica or corn potica.

How long does it take to do the whole procedure properly?
It's difficult to say – the dough must rise once, and then twice, then you put it in the tray and it takes around an hour to bake... More than two hours, but if we also take into account preparing the walnuts, then it does take several hours. It's important to know when to add which ingredient. You need your hands and peace. You can't find everything in the recipes, and those are the little secrets of the housewives.
Would you agree that it's the most popular Slovenian food?
Yes. I think it's Slovenia's biggest culinary specialty. It always has to be on the table. And at weddings there must be seven different poticas, that's also a specialty.