"The quantity of baklava is bigger every year, but in the end not even a bit is ever left," said one of the sellers at the stalls. Foto: BoBo/Borut Živulović

Sun-lit Stritar Street has hosted stalls filled with delicacies of Bosnian cuisine. The aroma of fresh baklavas and sounds of traditional Bosnian music attracted visitors from afar, so the street between the city hall and the Triple Bridges was quickly packed with visitors.

As in previous years, the majority of cuisine on offer has revolved around the traditional Bosnian baklava. Two years ago, the biggest baklava in the world was presented at the festival. With 50 centimetres in width and 18.75 metres in length, it even competed for entry into the Guinness Book of Records. This year, there weren't any baklavas of record dimensions. However, the ZemZem association prepared an even bigger quantity of baklava than ever before.

"The quantity is bigger every year, but in the end not even a bit is ever left," explains a seller at one of the many baklava-stacked stalls. "A hundred kilos of dough, one hundred kilos of walnuts, one hundred and fifty kilo of sugar ..." – enumerates another seller, member of ZemZem Izeta Hođić when asked about the huge quantities Bosnian women use for the preparation of baklava. "We have come here for the twelfth year. We feel almost at home, it's lovely, "she added.

Baklava, burek and Bosnian coffee
Most of the visitors were very satisfied. "Excellent, as every year," an older gentleman praised the baklava, adding that traditional Balkan desserts can never be resisted. "Everything is great, but it would be a good idea if they also had čevapčiči for example. Baklava is not the only food eaten in Bosnia," said one of the visitors, warning against the dominant role of baklava.

In addition to baklava, visitors also had the opportunity to try halva, another popular Bosnian dessert, and two types of Bosnian pies called burek – with potatoes and spinach. As in previous years, a long queue of visitors eager to taste Bosnian coffee waited in front of the biggest coffee pot in the world, where up to 630 litres of coffee can be prepared at once.

Tourists were impressed by folklorists
As part of the festival, the organizers also prepared an interesting accompanying program. "Good afternoon and bon appetite", said the famous Slovenian rapper Zlatan Čordić - Zlatko, who was the first to greet the visitors with his songs Čaka vas uspeh (Success is waiting for you) and Ljubljana.

Folklore group performances of the Ljiljan and Izvor associations followed. Performing choreographers and traditional costumes made sure that foreign tourists were tirelessly pressing on the triggers of their cameras, and many wanted to take pictures of themselves with dancers even after their performance. The children's choir of the cultural and artistic society Sevdah also sang a few of their pieces and were accompanied with the accordion.