Martin Fourcade had enough time to celebrate his win by waving a flag. Foto: Reuters
Martin Fourcade had enough time to celebrate his win by waving a flag. Foto: Reuters

Sweden’s Sebastian Samuelsson surprised everyone with a second-place finish, while the bronze went to Benedikt Doll of Germany. The medal winners from the sprint all performed considerably worse. The gold winner, Arndt Peiffer, finished eight, the silver medalist, Michal Krčmar, was only 30th, while the bronze medalist, Dominik Windisch, was 16th.

Bauer: I need a mental reset
Klemen Bauer was the best Slovenian in the competition. He missed six targets, but he still finished a respectable 24th. “The conditions were difficult, but I was ready. I was satisfied because I knew that I ski well. My skiing form is good, but I can’t take advantage of that in the shooting bouts. I didn’t have as much luck as I did yesterday, when the weather was calmer. A 24th-place finish is not a bad result, but my goal was higher. Let’s move on. I need a mental reset,” Bauer told Radio Slovenia.

Fak stopped, but then continued the race
Jakov Fak’s performance went completely awry. He missed once during the first shooting bout, and then twice during the second shooting bout. When it became clear that any chance of an exceptional performance was gone, he stopped and spent about a minute talking with his coach. He missed again in the third shooting bout and ended in 47th place.

He thought he had been disqualified
After the race, Fak explained what was going on when he stopped to talk with his coach: “The penalty loop is fenced-in and the exit corridor is marked, but one of the other competitors prevented me from exiting, so I continued to ski in the loop. I then stepped over the fence when I noticed that the results board no longer included my name. I thought that meant I had been disqualified. I stopped and asked my coach what to do. Representatives from the International Biathlon Union told me that I wasn’t disqualified, so I was able to continue.”

Miha Dovžan also competed for Slovenia. He finished second-to-last, in 59th place.