Roberto Battelli will resign at the age of 63. Photo: BoBo Foto:
Roberto Battelli will resign at the age of 63. Photo: BoBo Foto:

The 63-year-old has been an MP since Slovenia became an independent country. Battelli said he was looking forward to his retirement, “At this point, I’m simply too tired. I’m also looking forward to spending more time with my family. I have two wonderful grandsons.”

Battelli served seven terms as MP, and was often the only candidate for the position. Janez Janša is the only other Slovenian politician to have served seven terms in the National Assembly.

Who will run to succeed Battelli?
On Wednesday, Prime Minister Miro Cerar stepped down after the Supreme Court annulled the result of the September referendum on the Koper-Divača rail project, and the early parliamentary election will probably be held in the second part of May. According to Radio Koper Capodistria, it is not known who will run to succeed Battelli as Italian minority MP.

Koper’s Deputy Mayor and President of the Italian National Community Alberto Scheriani said he wasn’t sure whether he would run for the position. The head of the Italian Union, Maurizio Tremul, also said he wasn’t considering a run for the post yet. Luka Juri, who ran for a seat in the Italian Parliament, said that at this point he wasn’t interested in running.