"Sourdough" pizza. Photo: Feitche Bar Foto:

This Thursday Gregor Božičnik, owner of Fétiche Bar, presented gourmet pizzas from sour yeast for the first time. A team had spent about a year on developing the perfect dough, which is made by letting it rise for 24 hours using wild yeast before baking it. Toppings are added later and the pizza is served cut into triangles.

Having tasted the pizzas, one can say they are delicious and perfected, including original toppings made of premium ingredients. The dough is excellent, crunchy, and it is prepared in three varieties (whole grain wheat, corn with sunflower seeds, and barley).

All the flour is organically crumbly and crunchy structure, a bit different from what people are used to with pizzas. Is there another plus to sourdough, in addition to the texture? It is easily digestible.

"I never liked the pizza ... My first restaurant was Romeo, in which they used to serve the pizza. When I took over, I said I would never have a pizzeria. But as it turns out, one needs to bite one's tongue sometimes. When I tried a pizza made by the Michelin-starred chef Simone Padoan at the iTigli Pizzeria in Verona, I knew that I wanted to bring it to Ljubljana, because such offer had been missing,” explained Božičnik.