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Marjan Šarec
During the presentation of his candidacy, he emphasized that he is aware of his imperfections and mistakes, however, that he is also courageous and persistent. Photo: Bobo


Marjan Šarec was appointed prime minister-designate

17. August 2018 ob 21:51
Ljubljana - MMC RTV SLO

With 55 votes in favor and with 31 against, Marjan Šarec became the ninth Slovenian prime minister-designate. “I’ll make sure everybody is satisfied,” he said after his oath.

Marjan Šarec, who became Slovenia’s youngest prime minister, said the support from 55 members was more than he expected. He thanked those who supported him and those who did not. He added that he will also work for the benefit of the latter.

During the presentation of his candidacy, he emphasized that he is aware of his imperfections and mistakes, however, that he is also courageous and persistent. “The government cannot be stable or not stable, but not because of the number of the parties, but because of the people in those parties, their work and their position.”

The new coalition will have a hard time improving the national health system. “Public health and other public services are the foundation of this country.” The information technology and the healthcare professionals need to be relieved of the administrative work. “In particular, management is crucial. Money cannot help you if there is no optimal management of the institutions.” He promises to dedicate most of his energy to benefit the patients.

Another major challenge is ensuring the national security. “A defence security system is crucial.” Šarec says that both the army and the police are important for the country, however, the employees are not paid enough for their work, so they will have to handle the issue of human resources. The situation is quite similar when it comes to the protection and rescue forces. He also mentioned the economy - not only the large companies but small economy as well. He believes that as long as the public and the economic sector work hand in hand, they can make some changes. Because of the rapidly aging population, ensuring the sustainability of the pension system is crucial.

He believes it is imperative to invest in education and culture. “We need to stop our narrow-minded thinking and start working together. We need to be aware of the importance of each individual,” he added.

LMS, SD, SMC, DeSUS, SAB and the Left are the coalitions that support Marjan Šarec. The members of the ethnic minorities also promised their support. The previously mentioned parties have a total of 52 votes, and together with the 2 members of the ethnic minority, they have 54 votes, which means that Šarec received an additional vote from the opposition.

A. S.; translated by K. Sm.
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