PM Marjan Šarec Foto: BoBo
PM Marjan Šarec Foto: BoBo

Responding to a question about his comments on hate speech, PM Šarec said he did not have to defend his name, but only wanted to improve the state of affairs in the country. Šarec is of the opinion, that insulting and showing disrespect for people does not benefit the country's state of affairs. "It's indecent for a public figure to insult others. It's indecent. After all, even children watch these things and become confused, as to what's right and what isn't right. If everyone would maintain a dignified discourse, we wouldn't have these problems." The PM added that insults made against him will not shake his position. He also touched on remarks made by the opposition, which says that too much time is spent talking about hate speech because we don't know how to talk about the more important issues. Šarec's answer is that hate speech "isn't coming only from the right, but also from the left. Everyone uses the parts of my public call which suit them, but everyone must evaluate themselves and check whether they express themselves in a dignified way."

Responding to a question about staff changes at the highest positions in the army, the police and elsewhere, Šarec said he promised changes during the elections. He said that as a new man in state politics, he must make certain staffing changes if he wants to change anything at all. "There will definitely be some more changes in those places where it will be necessary. But we don't act as if it's not important who we appoint and that the only important thing is to appoint one of our people," added Šarec, pointing out that two of his government ministers are not even members of his LMŠ Party, and that he did not even demand that they become members.

"We must protect EU's external borders"
Touching on security issues, PM Šarec said people could be completely calm. He also said Slovenia strongly supports the idea that Frontex protects EU's external borders. "That would be necessary. We have to start protecting EU's external borders efficiently." PM Šarec also assured that Slovenia's police is doing its work. Answering a question about the purchase of new 4x4 military combat vehicles, Šarec said their price will not rise and that we will not have a repeat of the Patria scandal. He also stressed that Slovenia's army is currently understaffed. "We need an army for ourselves, and when we fix it, NATO will also be satisfied." Šarec added that Slovenia would raise defence spending in order to come closer to Slovenia's commitments to NATO.

Does not want more Europe, but a better Europe
Touching on Croatia's entry into the Schengen zone, PM Šarec said the issue was not a question for Slovenia, but that Croatia would have to go through an adequate evaluation procedure. "We sent Croatia a proposal for establishing a demarcation commission, which would implement the border arbitration ruling, but we have not yet received any reply." Šarec said Slovenia's position was clear: "Implementation is the only thing we have to talk about with Croatia." Regarding the Visegrad Group, Šarec said it was not true that Slovenia was not cooperating with that group of countries. "We had a meeting two weeks ago in Bratislava. There are no walls between us."

Šarec said the shocks happening in some EU countries were normal for such a big family like the EU. But Šarec reiterated that it would only be worse if the union did not exist. He stressed that he was never a Eurosceptic, but that he did warn about the internal problems of the EU, which are evident today. "I, personally, am not in favour of more Europe, but of a better Europe, which means to have what we have today, but more efficient."