The old-time skiers were pleased, Foto: Mojca Dumančič
The old-time skiers were pleased, Foto: Mojca Dumančič

123 years ago, the first real ski race was held in Predmeja. In 1895 Filip Kainrandl won the race, and the gathering of old-time skiers, already the 20th in Tiha dolina, where almost 40 old-time skiers participated, was named Filip's running and decent after the first winner.

In memory of Roman Blaško
At first the competitors competed in running; everybody waited impatiently for the horn signal which announced the beginning of the race, and the competitors rushed forward. It was exhausting, the winner crossed the finish line in perfect Telemark style, and all the competitors successfully conquered the extremely difficult track. Next was the downhill race. The first to race down the steep giant slalom course carrying the flag was Slavko Vidic, the first co-organizer of the Filip's Running and Descent: "This year I took the number one which had always been reserved for our member - skier, race co-organizer, eternal jester and optimist Roman Blaško, who unfortunately passed away much too soon. This year's 20th, jubilee Filip's Running and Descent is organized also in his respectful memory."

Twentieth time, after a two-year pause
Last year and the year before they had to skip Filip's races in Tiha dolina; for two years in a row there was hardly any snow. And for this year's 20th race it was just the opposite; the organizers, members of the Gora Society, had to work hard to make it happen. There were several metres of snow at Gora, and it snowed on the day before the race. But the enthusiasts from Gora worked all night long to prepare the cross-country and the downhill tracks. But their effort paid off – the organisation was impeccable. The organizers are pleased that every year more and more young people participate. The youngest this year was David Čemažar from the Rovtarji team from Škofja Loka, while the oldest, who skied effortlessly on old edgeless skis, was old Niko Koredež from Kropa, almost eighty.