Consumer opinion improved at the monthly level
In December 2018 the value of the consumer confidence indicator increased at the monthly level by 2 percentage points (p.p.)

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The increase was influenced mostly by consumers’ more optimistic expectations about the number of unemployed (by 4 p.p.) and about the country’s economy (by 3 p.p.). Savings expectations increased slightly (by 1 p.p.), while households’ financial expectations remained the same as last month.

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Consumers more pessimistic than in December 2017
The value of the consumer confidence indicator decreased by 5 p.p. over December 2017 and it was the same as last year’s average.

Among its components, the expectations about the country’s economy and the number of unemployed decreased the most (by 13 p.p. and 11 p.p., respectively). Savings expectations increased by 3 p.p., while household’s financial expectations are the same as in December 2017.

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Data are seasonally adjusted.
Methodological changes in 2016
A combined method of data collection was implemented in January 2016, namely a combination of an online questionnaire and a telephone interview. Until then the data were collected only via a telephone interview. The data collection method can, also according to other studies, influence the opinion expressed by the respondents.