Take what you need… Foto: MMC RTV SLO
Take what you need… Foto: MMC RTV SLO

Passers-by can exchange clothes they no longer use for clothes they will use. The outdoor clothing swap in Celje became an instant hit with locals, and Verblač has plans to expand.

Last week, he hung up clothes on a rack in the Celje disctirct of Nova Vas. This week, he set up another clothes rack in the city centre.

The clothes are primarily for those who need them … not necessarily for those who are socially disadvantaged but for everyone, really: people who earn low wages or are jobless – or those who are cold and just need warm clothes,” said Verblač.

Coats, shoes, shirts etc. You can swap clothes whenever you want, even at night. Especially children’s and men’s clothes are always in high demand.

Surprised but happy that his initiative was met with such a positive response, Verblač said he planned to host more clothing swaps, e.g. in the Celje districts of Hudinja and Lava. He’s also thinking of organizing a toy swap in December.