Foto: BoBo
Foto: BoBo

More than 15 events will be organised during the festival: various film screenings, exhibitions, discussions and concerts. And what inspired the motto? Many forms of discrimination remain hidden under the surface, which is why the organisers would like to prompt a discussion in the society to point out and break the taboos, with a special emphasis on intersex population, explain the organisers.

One of the most invisible communities is intersex people, whose gender cannot be determined when they’re born. About 2 percent of children are born with intersex characteristics. Various medical procedures such as operations for gender changes can be very harmful, emphasizes the president of the Pride Parade society Simona Muršec.

There are many such topics that deserve to be included into public discourse, continues Muršec, warning that they should not be addressed through self-initiatives but with systematic measures, which is why the organisers expect the authorities with social and political power to take responsibility and address them formally. The parade’s president points out a case of a young gay man who was being bullied by his classmates at school – they put up posters with his photo and hate speech, yet the school management chose not to take action.

Although the Civil Unions Act entered into force in February – it formally settles many areas of civil partnerships between same-sex couples – several pressing issues are still waiting to be solved. This year Slovenia marks 40 years since decriminalisation of homosexuality.

T. L. (RA Slovenija); translated by K. Z.