Foto: BoBo
Foto: BoBo

In 2017, Ljubljana hosted 841,320 tourists, which is 14 percent more than a year earlier. For the first time in history, the number of overnight stays exceeded a million and a half (1.548 million), which is 16 percent more than in 2016, explains Tourism Ljubljana regarding data from the Statistical Office.

"Excellent results in tourism, which we have in Ljubljana, not only in the last year but for the past 10 years, are the result of systematic work in the field of developing a highly innovative tourist offer and targeted promotion of Ljubljana on strategic markets," emphasizes Ljubljana's tourist organization.

Last year foreign visitors accounted for 95% of all guests, while domestic visitors represented 5%. The number of both grew by 16 percent annually.

Italians and Germans still dominating
Among foreign guests the highest number of overnight stays was recorded for Italians (11 percent), Germans (7.6 percent) and guests from Great Britain (seven percent). The average length of stay was 1.8 days in 2017 and remained unchanged at the annual level compared to the previous year. Foreign guests stay longer in Ljubljana than domestic ones, i.e. 1.9 days, while domestic guests stay on average 1.6 days.

Tourism Ljubljana is also satisfied with the fact that the number of visitors increased above average in months with traditionally lower tourist visits, most substantially in April, May and November, while the number of guests in the high tourist season increased at a lower average rate. This is due to the "implementation of deliberate measures to prolong the season into months with fewer tourist visits," stressed the capital’s tourist office.