Boštjan Šefic said no fence is being erected at the border by Austria. Foto: BoBo
Boštjan Šefic said no fence is being erected at the border by Austria. Foto: BoBo

At the government press conference Boštjan Šefic also explained that there was no fence at the Austrian border, and that Austria was not erecting one. The Austrian Ministry of Internal Affairs explained that they were only setting low fences or obstacles to make it easier to regulate the crossing of refugees from Slovenia to Austria. Austria will not close the border, nor prevent the arrival of refugees.

We must protect Slovenia as well from uncontrolled entry, therefore we should also consider introduction of obstacles or fences to protect the areas where the uncontrolled crossing of the border is easy. Yet we should be aware that only a fence, without soldiers and policemen to control it, will have no effect.

Slovenia has received offers for help and cooperation from policemen from several European countries, e.g. Italy, Germany, Hungary, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Spain, France etc. Five German policemen have already arrived to Slovenia and are in the field, and in a couple of days they will start with active work. Eight Austrian policemen are also in Slovenia, the Check Republic offered 20 policemen, Italy 20, Spain offered the help of their policemen and equipment (the number has to be agreed upon), Slovakia 30, Germany for now five, France intends to send their policemen (the number must still be defined), Lithuania 20, and some policemen will come also from Estonia.

"As President of the government I will do everything in my power to protect the interest of Slovenia, the local inhabitants, public order and safety of people," PM Cerar said after the meeting of the National Safety Council.

Sa. J., G. K.; Translated by G. K.