Klemen Slakonja goes fishing as Angela Merkel. Foto: Jani Ugrin
Klemen Slakonja goes fishing as Angela Merkel. Foto: Jani Ugrin

The Slovenian impressionist, who received widespread acclaim for his musical parody of Vladimir Putin. titled Putin, Putout, was scheduled to release his latest work, a parody of the German Chancellor Angela Merkel, on June 17, but the former German statesman Helmut Kohl died just a day earlier. Kohl had been Merkel’s political mentor, so Slakonja decided at the last minute to postpone the premiere until early July.

"Helmut Kohl died yesterday. I believe that this time of mourning and remembrance in Germany is not the right moment to release the new video starring Angela Merkel. It wouldn’t be the right thing to do. Out of my respect for the German people, I’m postponing the premiere indefinitely. R.I.P. Helmut Kohl," he posted on Facebook at the time.

The video, which Slakonja titled Ruf Mich Angela, was released today. In just the first few hours, it received more than 10,000 views.

Putin had made him a star
Slakonja received widespread acclaim for the music video in which the imitated Russian President Putin. He released the YouTube video last year. Since then, it has received almost 12 million views. Not long after the release of Putin, Putout, he announced that he would continue his impression and that Trump and Merkel were next on his list.

In July, he made good on the first part of his promise and released a video in which he imitated the U.S. President. The clip, which has three million views. was released during the presidential campaign and features plenty of beautiful women, parties, and glamor.

You can watch Slakonja’s new video below.