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Avtorji Korab Jorgacieski

News Cengiz to build the second Karavanke tube


A Turkish company, Cengiz, chosen to build the second tube in the Karavanke tunnel.

Don't miss Land of Dreams: Denys Masliuk


A Ukrainian living in Slovenia

News Slovenia among the safest for travelers


Slovenia is one of the safest countries in the world for traveling.

Don't miss Land of Dreams: Svetlana Sapelova


Meet Svetlana Sapelova, a Russian originally from St. Petersburg, living and working in Slovenia.

News Kids treated to a traditional breakfast


Kids in school today were treated to a traditional Slovenian breakfast. Slovenian Food Day is observed on the third Friday in November every year.

Don't miss Land of Dreams: Habte Tareke


Habte Tareke has been through a lot in life. Habte is from Eritrea.

News Slovenia marks All Saints' Day


Today is All Saints' Day, a public holiday. It's the second work-free day in a row ahead of the upcoming weekend.

News Today is Reformation Day


Slovenia observes Reformation Day today, which is a public work-free holiday.

Don't miss Land of Dreams: Lucienne Lončina


Lucienne has experienced it all in Slovenia… touring as a pianist and singer, stardom, Yugoslavia, independence, grandchildren, and living in a house with a sea view;)

News A new fantasy, sci-fi and comics festival opens in Ormož


The 1st ever Grossmann Fantasy, Sci-fi and Comics Festival kicks off this evening at the Ormož Castle.

Don't miss Land of Dreams: Elena Calderon Alaez


Meet Elena Calderon Alaez, a young lady from Madrid working on cultural and art projects in Maribor. She's also into street art and documents graffiti walls and murals scattered across the city.

News Janez Lenarčič goes through hearing at the European Parliament


Slovenia's European commission candidate Janez Lenarčič went through a 3-hour hearing at the European Parliament yesterday. Lenarčič is to take over as commissioner for crisis management.

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