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Avtorji Korab Jorgacieski

News President of North Macedonia in Slovenia


The President of North Macedonia is on a two-day official visit to Slovenia. This is his first official visit abroad since taking office in May. He was welcomed by Slovenia's President Borut Pahor.

News Films Under the Stars in Ljubljana


The Film Under the Stars outdoor cinema event starts in Ljubljana tonight.

News Optimistic economic forecasts for Slovenia


The latest GDP forecasts indicate that Slovenia's economy will grow by around 3% this year and just under 3% in 2020.

News Hailstorms cause damage in Kočevje


The damage from yesterday's hailstorms in the country's south qualifies for financial state aid. Kočevje, the hardest hit region yesterday, was visited by Environment Minister Simon Zajc today.

News Parents protest against changes to the financing of private schools


Hundreds of parents are protesting in Ljubljana today against a draft bill which would introduce changes to the state financing of private schools.

Don't miss Land of Dreams: Ameer Khanbai


Ameer Khanbai is a British national of Indian descent, born in Tanzania, now living in Ljubljana. He says Slovenia is both beautiful and also a great place to start up a business.

News Alcohol kills two people a day in Slovenia


Two people die in Slovenia every day because of alcohol.

Don't miss Land of Dreams: Nikola Razmovski


Nikola came to Slovenia 10 years ago with a plan to study business economics. But it was in Slovenia that he realized that he wanted to become a hairdresser.

News 8th Africa Day Conference


The 8th Africa Day conference kicked off in Ljubljana today. It focuses on the relations between Africa and Europe.

Don't miss Land of Dreams: Darryl Glover


Darryl Glover is an American who lives in the village of Ponikve, surrounded by the good fields of Dobrepolje.

News Military Exercises in Slovenia


A number of military exercises got under way in Slovenia today, involving soldiers from Slovenia and 25 other NATO countries.

News Slovenia celebrates Labour Day


Slovenia celebrates Labour Day, which is a bank holiday. The two-day holiday is celebrated on the 1st and 2nd of May, which are both work free.

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