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Cuisine - Arhiv

Top 10 delicious Slovenian dishes

Our country is small, but very diverse in its customs and tradition, and that is also reflected in our rich gastronomic heritage.

Sun, Wind, and Cheese

Slovenia’s Karst Plateau is one of the most unique areas in Slovenia.

"The Potica is Slovenia's biggest culinary specialty"

"No matter which part of Slovenia the housewives come from, when they make potica they all have one thing in common – they all say they need peace and quiet while preparing the potica, and chase ...

The Slovenia Restaurant Awards - The best restaurants in Slovenia 2018 has been revealed

Fužine castle in Ljubljana hosted a ceremony to announce the best restaurants in Slovenia 2018 - The Slovenia Restaurant Awards.

Slovenia ready for protecting potica at European level

Potica is a culinary landmark and a symbol of the Slovenian festive menu.

True coffee? Hazelnut colour, sweet-bitter taste, and durable crema

"When I visit a new place where I don't know bars, I always automatically check the tidiness of the bar, the kind of coffee machine they use, and the tidiness of its surroundings," Tomi Pance, twice ...

Eat Like A Slovene

Traditional Slovenian food has truly come back to the fore in recent times, leading to more exposure for restaurants specialising in dishes eaten by families at home over the centuries.

A Tradition Rediscovered

Rateče, a small village in Slovenia’s Julian Alps, is best known as a base for ski jumping, skiing, and spectacular summer hikes.

Ana Roš is the best

The Slovenian Ana Roš is the World’s Best Female Chef.

Best ice-cream tastes of Prekmurska gibanica

Nine confectioners participated at the first National Championship in Ice-Cream Production in Nova Gorica. Tine Valič convinced the jury with his ice-cream named Prekmurska gibanica.

After Croatia, Michelin is set to arrive in Slovenia. But do its stars still carry any weight?

Michael Ellis, the international director of the legendary Michelin culinary guides, spoke at the JRE Young Restauranteurs Conference in Lucerne, Switzerland, an event that was also attended by top ...

Open Kitchen returns: quality remains the driving force

The Open Kitchen culinary market is entering its fifth season. In addition to Ljubljana, where it’s coming to life today, the market will also pay visits to Celje, Koper, and Nova Gorica.

A Precious Wintertime Treat

Slovenia’s Primorska (Littoral) region is known for its warm climate and fertile soil, both of which ensure a bountiful supply of high-quality fruits and vegetables.

Finalists from voting for the selection of Slovenia’s best restaurants

After several months of preparations on the part of the Expert Committee and following close to two months of voting by the Chefs & Foodies Academy as well as by the general public, we finally ...

A Wintertime Feast

Slovenia’s famous potica – a type of rolled, stuffed bread – is one of the country’s most recognizable culinary symbols.

Chicory as promotor of Slovenia? Yes, when as beautiful as a flower

While Slovenia is more and more recognizable at the world culinary map, the chicory growers of Gorizia also started claiming their share of the action with their famous radicchio chicory, which is ...

Vote for the best restaurants and participate in fostering Slovenia’s culinary reputation

Food and wine tourism has emerged as the fastest growing tourism sector in the world, as well as in Slovenia, which in recent years has transformed into an important and recognized green ...

Beyond the Cviček and Matevž - Dolenjska becoming a culinary powerhouse

Dolenjska can be referred to as the region where "they don’t drink wine, but Cviček" and "where the air has 0,5 promille of alcohol in it".

A Culinary Delicacy from Slovenia’s Hill Country

One of Slovenia’s newly protected dishes – prleska tünka – is now considered a great delicacy, but it emerged in response to an everyday problem: the lack of refrigeration in the era before ...

Bogračfest draws a crowd of thousands in Lendava

Lendava received the Bograč World Capital title in 2011. This year 88 teams took part in the bograč cooking competition.

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