In 1958 Michael Jackson was born. Foto: EPA
In 1958 Michael Jackson was born. Foto: EPA

Dubrovnik entered into an agreement with the Bosnian Ban Kulin on free and unrestricted trade with Bosnia. The agreement is considered one of the oldest surviving documents in these places.
In 1526 at the battle of Mohač, the Turkish army under the command of Suleiman the Magnificent defeated the Hungarian troops of King Ludwig II, who was drowned during the withdrawal.
In 1619 the French economist Jean Baptiste Colbert is born. He was Finance Minister of King Louis XIV.
In 1632 the founder of empiricism and liberal philosophy, English philosopher John Locke is born. He argued that the mind was a blank slate. Contrary to pre-existing Cartesian philosophy, he maintained that we are born without innate ideas, and that knowledge is instead determined only by experience derived from sense perception.
In 1915 in Stockholm Swedish actress Ingrid Bergman is born. She became famous with the film Casablanca. She has received three Oscars.
In 1964 Slovenian writer and critic Juš Kozak dies.
1964 - Rob Orbison is at the top of the American charts with 'Pretty Woman' .
1970 - Edwin Starr is No. 1 on the American charts with 'War'.
1981 - Aneka is at the top of the British singles chart with 'Japanese Boy'.
1987 - Def Leppard with their album 'Hysteria' take the top spots on the British and American album charts.
1924 – singer Dinah Washington (1959 'What A Diff'rence A Day Makes').
1958 - King of Pop Michael Jackson (1983 'Billie Jean'). He dies on 25. June 2009, aged 50.